1. Ditch the new year resolutions, they restrain you, if you fail you bring in negative energies that do not serve you.
  2. Every day write down the positives of your day, you can do this in a positive journal or a positive note jar.
  3. Set yourself goals of inspirational achievements with reasonable time frames. Remember goal posts can be moved, don’t beat yourself up if you have to move them.
  4. Place positives reminders on notes where you can see them for example starting in your bedroom and fridge.
  5. Connect to who you truly are – this is your soul and human essence, this will bring clarity and healing – try meditation and self-time to help achieve this.
  6.  Learn to trust your intuition, This is a six sense, working on this will help you recognise this sixth sense and trust it.
  7. Create your positive vision, you can create a vision board, try a workshop or have a go at your own at home. This helps set a positive intent for your year a head.
  8. Be kind to yourself and to others. This will raise the love energy around you changing your vibration.
  9. Forgive the past, remember this has created who you are, but heal the pain and fear to move on. Remember all the positive things that got you to this point in life. Think your future can only contain love, kindness and hugs.
  10. Last of all LOVE yourself, tell yourself this every day. Once you love yourself all the rest falls into place.