Month: May 2020

Create a new world

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I came a cross this that my guides channeled last year – thought I would share with you all x Create a new world There lies in all of you layers of light and each layer gives you insight into what you seek. For those who have clouded minds the light is shadowed by deep-rooted ….  Read More

What are dimensions?

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Guidance from my guides: I have been asked many times what is a dimension so my guides wanted to add this knowledge for you. Well it is a word given to humanity by your ascension guides to help you understand the layers of energy of existence in the universe. Laid out below is our translation ….  Read More


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Hello all here is some guidance from Sharon guides on the emotion grief. Grief has layers of emotions that are energy, there are many facets to this. They ask you to remember you are all individuals and grief many have a similar pattern structure, you are all unique to how you deal with it. Humans ….  Read More