A message for all Light Workers

As humanity enters a new era of consciousness, it’s time to leave behind outdated Earth terminology and embrace a fresh lexicon that better reflects your evolving spirituality. For instance, we now refer to a medium or channeler as a Light Worker Channeler, and mediumship is known as Light Communication. This new terminology is in alignment with the concept of a Light Worker. We believe that this updated language will help you better understand and connect with the spiritual realms – now known as celestial realms.

It’s important to note that the word psychic will remain unchanged, but we add channeler, as it reflects the basic ethereal levels of human communication with another human and their guides. Spirit, on the other hand, we now call celestial energy or the energy of the human essence that has passed on. Holistic healer will not change as these words embrace the ancient healing processes coming to the forefront again on Earth’s ascension path. Trance medium will be Trance Communicator, and channelers of knowledge will fall under the category of Light Worker Channeler. Teachers will be known as Leaders of Knowledge (or shorten to leaders), and it’s important to remember that they facilitate circles and workshops, bringing in our teachings. These changes will gradually be introduced to all Light Workers, so that the terminology aligns with our celestial teachings.

Medium – Light worker channeler

Psychic – Psychic channeler

Spirit – Human essence

Trance Medium – Trance Communicator

Teachers – Leader of knowledge

Mediumship – Light Communications

By adopting this new language, we hope to create a more cohesive and unified community of Light Workers who are better equipped to navigate the celestial realms. As you continue to evolve and awaken, it’s important that your language reflects this positive growth and transformation. Embrace this new era with open hearts and minds and continue to explore the infinite possibilities of the celestial universal energy. Let us all work together to create a world that is more in tune with our spiritual selves.

Light workers will be mentioned a few times in our tool kit, and it’s likely that you’ve encountered them in your life so far and there will be many more to come in the years ahead. The phrase “light workers” is inspired by the conscious frequencies of celestial beings who communicate through light, colour, and harmonic sound frequencies to connect with you. They also link with the positive light spectrum in Earth’s atmosphere that creates your beautiful rainbows.

Light workers are here to bring light, love, and healing to Mother Earth. They are drawn to the world of healing, and you’ll find them in various professions such as nursing, medicine, veterinary care, conservation, holistic healing, and Light worker communication. They are all here for the highest purpose of good, to help Earth ascend through people, animals, and plants that they are caring for.

You’ll recognise light workers by their deep-set knowledge and understanding of energy, different dimensions, and higher realms. They carry a wisdom beyond their years and possess a unique ability to connect with the universe and channel its healing energy.

Light workers are individuals who have been called to teach others about the light within all of you and guide them on a journey of healing. One of the key aspects of this journey is to remind individuals of their intuition, which is a gift from the soul within. Once human’s can connect with their intuition and harness it in their everyday lives, it enhances their connection with the universe and with us. Light workers are selfless individuals who are here to help Mother Earth in whatever mission they have chosen. Their light shines brightly, serving as an example of what all humanity could aspire to be.

In essence, light workers are here to spread love, light, and healing to all those who need it. They are beacons of hope, shining brightly and leading the way towards a better future for all.

How we can help you connect.

Establishing a strong connection with your guides is crucial to learn to live with and use your empathic gift. It is essential to set the intention of not absorbing the emotions of others, as this can be detrimental to your own well-being. If you are unsure of how to achieve this, it is recommended that you seek out a spiritual leader or mentor who can guide you through the process.

Light workers are individuals who feel a deep calling to help others. They are often referred to as star seeds as their higher self is from the stars or realms or dimensional areas of reality. These celestial beings have willingly offered themselves as a beacon of light for the Earth and are committed to serving humanity.

Many light workers are psychic channelers, light worker channelers or holistic healers bringing healing to clients, family, friends, pets, and Mother Earth. When they work with a recipient (client), it is important to first sense their emotions and life issues. This will help the light worker and their guides assess what is needed to provide the necessary healing or message. It is crucial to understand the recipient’s goals and intentions to ensure that your messages and healing are aligned with their needs.

Your guides will assist you in detaching from the emotions that you have absorbed from the recipient seeking your help. This will clear your energy and allow the guides to channel healing energy through you in a healthy way, keeping you balanced. The guides can also help you adjust to your sixth sense, allowing you to give the messages and healing needed from source without affecting your individual vibrational frequency.

Through meditation and grounding techniques, you can stay balanced in the third-dimensional heavy energy while channeling and working in the high-frequency energy. This will allow you to provide the necessary healing and messages to your recipient while maintaining your own well-being.

Change your perception and you will walk through your next door of ascension.