A Spiritual evolution is here

From the day we are born we grow in our mind, body and soul. We learn from our fellow humanity how to behave and what is acceptable in the society we are born into. We learn to live in set boundaries and our perception of our three dimensional reality is set by these experiences.

Some of us have a mission while here on Earth to step into the spiritual path of being a healer, spiritual reader or a channeller. We will be taught by fellow Earth humans who have been influenced by other earth teachers and their spiritual guides. The human mind interprets this knowledge and what the guides are trying to show us. The human minds EGO can put it’s own interpretation on these teachings, so often the wisdom that these wonderful off world beings are trying to teach us, is missed.


As part of my spiritual journey in the last year, I have been connecting with my light being guide John and Kyaserial from the Pleiadians. They have encouraged me to trust them and are now my teachers for my work on Earth. They bring forward a new way of thinking for light workers and mediums. With this they bring new terminology and teachings, they now call us Light Reader Channellers. WHY? Because mediums restrict themselves in their belief systems and the facts about life after death. They connect with many energies from the universe – from light multidimensional transitional beings to high dimensional physical forms. But many are restricted by old understanding and teaching knowledge past from human to human. The new teachings bring us knowledge about the human essence, soul, higher self and the source and how they all function in spaces of unison for communication to the human mind. (I direct you to our circle of knowledge on Let’s talk https://onespiritualmovement.com/lets-talk-videos/)

In the last two weeks I have taken my next step in my own spiritual evolution. The only section of my spiritual work that had not altered was my Trance. But two weeks ago I was led to watch an online interview with a trance worker, who I was guided to get in touch with. The interview and my conversation with him a week later changed my trance perspective. I was in the old way of thinking of fear – I must not sit on my own – Fear of protection from dark energies – Am I good enough – Only sit in a circle or workshop – Am I good enough to teach trance? And so I could go on…

I realised I could develop on my own as my teacher will be my guide John. I am protected and I have been sitting on my own mentoring others, while in trance. I sit with my spiritual trance team often and they set a time and always bring me back on that time. They had been silently building my confidence trust with my team.

BOOM … I saw the light it was time not to be fearful of others and my self and to EMBRACE MY TRANCE and trust my spiritual connection with my trance team.

Part of this new evolution for me was to do my first live video in trance, with my guide John stepping forward to talk about trance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ErTzzsJ4sIs&t=15s

As you can imagine I was stepping out of my comfort zone, in fear of ridicule, but then I thought, I trust my team, I receive so much knowledge, and other light workers have too. My guides link me up with these people to bring me clarification that I am not loopy and what I am being channeled is real.

Taking this step in my evolution has embraced who I really am, I am Light reader channeller, a leader of spiritual knowledge and an advocate for the lights being that work with Earth. I have ascended in my vibrational frequency, opening my mind to new perspectives of reality, as I accepted this new knowledge and changed my way of thinking.

Listen to John’s message to us, we need to be in acceptance of new ways of teaching and to TRUST to go straight to source more. This means we will be able to clearly get the teaching knowledge that is needed to move humanity along in this awakening period on Earth. Many of us will be the leaders of light knowledge on Earth, bringing their teachings to those awakening and will have a thirst for this knowledge for their life missions.