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Hi there,

Dandelions are a strong light filled medicine but hard to remove as the have a long taproot that infests your lawn and flowerbed …. Dragons are unpredictable and cannot be tamed. To see the world and balance within you must master both.

This is a box of light and darkness to be opened with wonderment and delight with a touch of trepidation and excitement. Can you look into a dark mirror and catch a glimpse of your shadow? Light is only half of what you will find in this box….

Gardening is a reflection of Chaos & Order….to create Order one must go through various degrees of Chaos. The seasons change and mindful adaptions to the new flow must be accounted for as your flowers and trees shed their beauty to be carried onto the next turn of the wheel.

I see all growing things as beings … am I strange? Very likely but they have personality and squabble with their neighbours just as people do, they go through ebb and flow of health just like us mammals do, it is just a matter of watching them closely. Finding a balance in a garden eco system is very important…and you and your family and pets are part of that eco system.

From painting wall murals and clearing weeds and mowing lawns… Magical special places can appear.

Let me create you a Sacred Garden, so that when you step outside you enter a personal magical space. No matter how big or small your space, let’s see what can be done.

Hi 🖐

my name is Amanda Bowden , I am a transitional coach based in Cwmbran who specialises in Personal Development to help Intuitive Entrepreneurs empower themselves to rise up through transition to own their authentic self…. be your own master on your life’s journey to live a happy healthier life.

One2One sessions can be done online or face to face.  Each session may vary due to being uniquely tailored specifically for you

I look forward to hearing from you to arrange a free 30 minute discovery call 😊

I am one of a group of healers at Sylvan, based in North London.  Sylvan has provided Spiritual, or energy, healing for over 6o years to all in need of help and support for any area of physical or mental concern.  We also offer weekly guided meditations and breathwork sessions.  These can be so effective to bring about relief of stress and to boost wellbeing.  None of our healers charge either for their work or the guided meditations.  We ask only that those who are able to make a small donation to help to cover running costs at our Winchmore Hill premises.  We are providing healing via Zoom, WhatsAp and telephone until such time as we can safely work person-to-person and have been delighted at the outcomes that have been experienced by these electronic means.  If you would like healing or to register for the meditations, please text me in the first instane on 07717 195877 or email cheryl.j@btinternet.com.

Hi I am Ali and I am a certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Hypnosis Practitioner.
I specialise in helping people who suffer from overwhelm, are stuck or lost. I work with you to identify what you really want out of life and from there take you on a journey to achievement, building self-belief and confidence, smashing through your barriers and giving you the motivation you need to fulfill your personal and professional potential.

i am also a coaches coach, supporting other coaches on their journey through one to one support and my books on developing your skills for your business.

Reiki master/ teacher, crystal therapy, angelic practitioner and meditation