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We are a small group of Psychics. We each have our own Unique gifts to share with you.
contact us for guidance with any situation in your life. Were here for you.

Heal your soul by using energy healing techniques like reiki, personalized guided meditations, rune readings and spiritual self-help books.  You can let go of burdensome baggage, feel lighter, evolve into your true self, and realize your true-life path. You will be ready to face whatever is next.  

Alicia McBride is a Master Reiki Practitioner who is ready to help with alternative healing methods.  I will hold space for you with love and light, to help you practice self-care and to heal yourself.  You can do it.

I am a Tarot and Oracle reader based in Indiana. I can design custom spreads tailored to your needs if necessary, for an affordable cost.

I am a Master Healer who help people suffering from devastating diseases such as Cancer, Autoimmune Diseases, Infectious diseases, etc, to heal forever through the creation of Danergy: A unique spiritual space where my client’s energetic system and mine, will come together as One, so that they can reach a healthy, joyful, happy and free new state of being. I blend my scientific skills as a Medical Research Especialist with my inner work and intuition to offer homeostasis of their entire being which leads to Physical Health. Everyone is at a different stage of development, so, I adjust my treatment per development of their soul or being. (more…)