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Are you looking for more direction in your life?

If so, a “Life Focus” session can help.

This is a process that aids you to consider and reflect on what is holding you back in life. It can help you identify specific strengths and limitations and how to utilize these in order to move forward to achieve your goals in life.

I offer this service at The OPAL Centre in Dunamon and also online via Zoom, WhatsApp or by phone.

Contact me now for more information or to book an appointment.

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(This service is also available online via Zoom, WhatsApp etc. or by phone)

We offer a range of events & therapy at the OPAL centre. You can also stay on personal retreat or for a short break in a tranquil & relaxing setting. OPAL also supply a range of Holistic products. Please see our FB shop or contact us for further details.

OPAL (which stands for Opportunities for Personal Advancement in Life) was founded in 1995 with the aim of promoting a positive outlook towards life in general and an awareness of how each individual action that we take can have positive or negative impacts upon the world that we live in.

Growing Gurus aim to assist a more positive mindset in children.

By ensuring that the children in our sessions have their own portable coping toolbox and are able to use these tools to remove blocks to learning and growth.

We  would hope that we are beginning to equip them with the essential, lifelong skills of inner strength and resilience, the ability to dig deep when things get tough and  to bounce back and carry on when they have had a setback, becoming stronger and better able to cope.

We believe that learning and well being go hand in hand.

Growing Gurus practices are like a work out for the mind, building optimal concentration and attention, self awareness, emotional management, relationship skills and decision making.

We want to empower young children and young people so that they can move from stress to success and to grow into the unique and wonderful people that they are meant to be.

Kirsten Gill.

Growing Guru Practitioner.


Training with Guru Holistic Therapies has enabled me to become a

Growing Guru Practitioner.

I have the knowledge to support the learning process in the classroom. I work to promote positivity and the importance of self care and alleviate the physical and emotional symptoms related to stress.

Through practices which improve focus, reduce stress and promote well being of the whole child, assisting the development, of their emotional intelligence and their inner wisdom.

I provide intervention sessions to primary aged children with special needs in a special school and provide trauma informed practice.

I have worked as a teaching assistant in countless classrooms,

Both in mainstream schools and with children with a range of conditions which mean they have special educational needs.

I have cared for children who have profound and multiple learning difficulties and also with children on the autism spectrum, and those with many other needs such as those who have genetic disorders and those who have brain injuries.

I trained as a NNEB nursery nurse and as a Registered General Nurse.

I use a variety of methods to communicate with the young as well as   talking and singing and using  sensory story massage  with them, I also use “PECS” signs and symbols, and some makaton,

I have five gorgeous grown up children and a granddaughter.

I am an Indian head massage practitioner and a textile artist.

I have a tool box full of skills to help children to learn better and grow as healthy and whole people.

I have a Facebook page Roots and Wings where I share meditations, relaxation sessions and loads more and a small Etsy shop ElderTreeShop where you will find much gorgeousness, lavender eye pillows, fairy wings, and  relaxation and guided meditation scripts.

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