Spiritual and Psychic Introductory Talks at Artemis Soul Sanctuary Monmouth Wales | One Spiritual Movement

Greetings! 6pm every Thursday from 1st July at Artemis Soul Sanctuary Monmouth I (www.zaharacelestial.com) will be holding a series of Introductory talks here are the first 7 there are more! …
1. How to Develop your Psychic Abilities. Talk with exercises. We will go through the ‘Clares’ and touch on the common blocks and ideas that most people have that stop or dampen our innate way of being. We will experience how everyone is naturally meant to be what has been described as extra sensory a ‘sensitive’ having supernatural abilities.
2. How to Connect with your Guides. Talk with exercises tips on how to connect with your – as Zahara calls them – ‘Family of light’.
3. Working with the Archangels. A talk where Zahara will share miraculous experiences of the power of Healing with Angels. Followed by a Guided Meditation with Sounding and Light Language for Healing.
4. Soul Calling. How to trust and take the Leap of faith. Maybe you feel there is more to life. Maybe you have had yearning to do something different but don’t know how to start. In this talk Zahara will share her journey. And share tips on how to tune into our intuition and follow our inner Guidance. We will explore how to access Guidance from our Family of Light /Guides. The talk with include a led Journey Meditation.
5. Aliens E.T Galactics. What or who are they. What could be their intention. Is this made up or real. Why are there more sightings now and why has the USA Government chosen this time to admit there are UFO’s. Maybe you have had experiences or heard of others who have. Or you could just be curious. Zahara will share her personal experiences of First Contact.
6. Shadow Soul Retrieval and Trauma work. Core to our Spiritual practice is Personal Development work. Releasing trauma and becoming aware of the different aspects of ourselves is key to any Spiritual approach. Zahara has worked therapeutically with adults and children in schools and the community. And has had her own journey of healing. This discussion will share tips on how to achieve a mindfulness and state of awareness and peace regardless of what you or others are experiencing.
7. Ascension, New Earth, 5D and Kundalini Awakening. Maybe you have heard these terms or have had or know others who have experienced unexplained sudden occurrences. Such as physical sensations dreams or even visions. This talk is an introduction to this vast area.
So if you are near to Monmouth every Thursday from 1st July call up or email Artemis Soul Sanctuary to book. Places are £5.
01600 717759

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Hi there,

Dandelions are a strong light filled medicine but hard to remove as the have a long taproot that infests your lawn and flowerbed …. Dragons are unpredictable and cannot be tamed. To see the world and balance within you must master both.

This is a box of light and darkness to be opened with wonderment and delight with a touch of trepidation and excitement. Can you look into a dark mirror and catch a glimpse of your shadow? Light is only half of what you will find in this box….

Gardening is a reflection of Chaos & Order….to create Order one must go through various degrees of Chaos. The seasons change and mindful adaptions to the new flow must be accounted for as your flowers and trees shed their beauty to be carried onto the next turn of the wheel.

I see all growing things as beings … am I strange? Very likely but they have personality and squabble with their neighbours just as people do, they go through ebb and flow of health just like us mammals do, it is just a matter of watching them closely. Finding a balance in a garden eco system is very important…and you and your family and pets are part of that eco system.

From painting wall murals and clearing weeds and mowing lawns… Magical special places can appear.

Let me create you a Sacred Garden, so that when you step outside you enter a personal magical space. No matter how big or small your space, let’s see what can be done.

Hi 🖐

my name is Amanda Bowden , I am a transitional coach based in Cwmbran who specialises in Personal Development to help Intuitive Entrepreneurs empower themselves to rise up through transition to own their authentic self…. be your own master on your life’s journey to live a happy healthier life.

One2One sessions can be done online or face to face.  Each session may vary due to being uniquely tailored specifically for you

I look forward to hearing from you to arrange a free 30 minute discovery call 😊

Andrej is a tutor at the Arthur Findlay College and teaches all forms of mediumship

I help people to see their own strengths and creativity and untie lifes’ knots.

Need some guidance and clarity? Let me help you cut out the white noise.. Clear and supportive guidance with tarot and psychic connection.

My name is Michelle, and I have been interested in the metaphysical and spiritual from a verey early age..

I started reading tarot as a form of divination, in my mid twenties. Mostly for my own guidance and understanding, but then also for friends and family. I was encouraged by great feedback from the insights I gave, and so decided to take a big step into something I loved, for the sake of helping others.

Readings can focus on relationships, work and or your general life circumstances. My readings always bring clarity and peace of mind. Being able to see the energies at play in your life from a perspective of truth and positivity, can help to navigate those times when we feel unsure of ourselves or situations. A reading can help you see patterns, blocks, and opportunities in your life, and gives you the confidence to grow through. 

I spent time in spiritutal churches, and felt the need to offer something with less politics, so started my own circle.  running a centre for the arts, healing and self growth, it made sense to add the spiritual.  Here served my titme in developing meditations and practices to help new seekers to the path..

So, now I have a YouTube channel on which I post readings by astrological sign, ans I am building up the catalogue of meditations. 


I would love you to visit and subscribe !

To book personal readings, or for any other enquiries, you can find me on Facebook: 


Thank you for reading.. Peace on your path 🙂

Helping people to connect with loved ones through mediumship is a gift that I love, bringing that link between the two worlds. I have had a varied journey with Spirit and learnt a lot about myself in that time. I have trained as a Reiki Master and an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher.

I have worked around the UK and Norway. Offering my time for Charity Events and Good Causes. Serving Spiritual Churches and Centres.

Providing 1 to 1 personal readings and healing sessions, Reiki and Angelic Reiki, Worked with Paranormal Investigation Groups (Interesting work), House and building spiritual cleansing.

Please feel free to contact me without obligation.

Sharing a wealth of life experience wisdom and knowledge,ancient sacred heart life skills and the way to find your inner compass guiding you through the journey of yourself,releasing old wounds,patterns to growth and inner health through  mindfulness,awareness and meditation to guide you into a gentle loving space of being held through the transitions,giving you a toolkit of takeaways to self care and grow along the way.telephone sessions or online audio teachings through the website available at an affordable to any pocket exchange right now love in action means helping hearts to feel full 💜

Angela Orora Medway-Smith

The Practical Mystic

  1.  I am Angela Orora, an experienced spiritual channel, a psychic medium, healer, intuitive life coach, and spiritual teacher.  I chose Cariad Spiritual as my business name as it reflects who I am, a loving spiritual being.

I teach several healing modalities, together with intuitive and spiritual development.  I am in essence a Light Worker, The Practical Mystic supporting you to follow your life path with ease and grace to ‘Be the Butterfly’ of my logo.

I have worked professionally for thirty years using my psychic intuition, ‘clair’ senses and spiritual guidance to offer insight to clients, encouraging them to move in a positive direction to embrace the challenges that may lie ahead.

I studied extensively with published spiritual teachers, including six years with the incredible Betty Balcombe and work closely with spirit to give clear guidance and practical solutions to your relationship, work and life worries and promote balance and healing in your life.

Readings, guidance and healing are available through both face to face and distant methods (via phone and internet).

I am available for 1:1 private readings in South Wales and London.  My clients stem from as far afield as Australia, Asia, the Middle East, Far East, USA and several European countries.

I work closely with other light workers and holistic practitioners to raise spiritual awareness and promote healing; for more information see my trainingevents and retreats pages.


Join me for Meditations in Nature! Outdoors, online and 1-1. Lose yourself in Nature, find yourself in Meditation! Relax, unwind and just be.
Now offering Intuitive card readings!