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Arianne .G Voyance


Arianne .G Voyance est mon cabinet. Je suis Arianne .G, voyante pure, experte en Cartomancie, Tarot Divinatoire, Numérologie et Astrologie. Consultez sur place, au cabinet à ALBI ou consultez à distance par téléphone, chat ou visioconférence. Voyante de profession depuis 2017 avec 15 ans de pratique bénévole. En personne à Albi ou de toute la ….  Read More

Akashic Records Reading


The Akashic Records are essentially an infinite database of all information, past present and future. Existing within the higher dimensions, they can be seen as a very large “library” that contains all wisdom/information. This wisdom and information has been gifted to us to use to help direct our lives, give us clarity, and help us ….  Read More

Elaina Curran Hypnotherapy


I am a fully qualified Past Life Regression Therapist and practice from my home office in Dursley, Gloucestershire. Past Life Regression Therapy (PLRT) is about taking an inner journey that could have a profound impact in this current life. It uses hypnosis to help you access memories deep in your subconscious, potentially connecting to the ….  Read More

Holistic Healing Cornwall


Hi, I’m Liz Thomas, I am a practitioner of the following bodywork and holistic healing techniques for adults, children & animals: VHT Bodywork, Kinesiology, Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Healing and Sound Healing. I have many years of experience and I am fully insured. I’m passionate about the healing modalities that I practise, this is reflected in ….  Read More

Candles of Faith


I have opened up a small business for God number 1 and to help me and my family make ends meet, I make homemade 100% soy wax candles, fragrances many to choose from, and color or colors, warm up with candles of faith, feel the joy, peace, and relaxation, custom make your candles, with color ….  Read More