Be ready light workers you are going to be busy

Message from Sharon’s guides – Part of the healing process we all seek for earth is for humanity to learn to let the EGO go. The Ego is the energy fueling the need of power over each over, the materialistic jealousy and the selfish existence of culture hate. When humanity realises this is no longer serving their survival, then the awakening for you all will really begin. When you reach a balanced understanding and clarity of the new earth the Ego will become a friend not a foe. The Ego will work in unison with your souls mission and you will have control over your own powers working in the light.

The only way we could make humanity see this is to slow down your world. When you all live at a fast pace you are blind to the obvious reality of self-destruction – this comes on several levels, the physical body, mind, human essence, inner spirit and Mother Earth.

Now when the world has been rested and you slowly return to your daily life’s, for most of you this will develop into a new normal for you. Many will have appreciation again of what you call the little things in life. Wounds will be healed; families reunited and love flowing like never before around your planet. The simple hug will have great meaning for you all.

When this is over and you are all released from the restraints of the situation there will be a huge energy surge of positive vibration from Earth. We will capture this and with our unconditional love vibration it will be multiplied to create a new love vibration frequency for Earth. This will penetrate into all living cells and a new age will begin.

We ask you all to hold this time in your hearts, and learn to keep the memories true so you do not slip back into the old negative ways.

Now when this new age begins those that are already connected to us and work with us will ascend into a higher vibration. We then will ask them to work with those that have been awakened to guide them and bring understanding of the spiritual path to them. We will guide to those teachers the students that will work well with the individual frequency vibration. We ask for all light workers to join in a united spiritual movement as one, and work together breaking down the old barriers. When this is achieved then WOW, the doors of love and light will flood your world.

Love and blessing to you all xxxxxxx