Be the change x

Hi all hope you are all well. Here is message from my guides.

As humanity are released from they’re confinement,
natures sounds fade like the new dawn sky.

The blue skies are clouded with trails of renewed travel
bringing silence to the heavenly song of wings of nature.

The cities are misty once again with eyes that cannot see,
the breath is confused by the heavy atmosphere of time.

The oceans, lakes and streams weep with plastic of man,
oxygen is dying with every breath of the Gaia’s seas.

Mother Earth is again confined in humanities grip,
as they suffocate their sacred source of life and hope.

We speak our words to many of humanities minds,
awaking the soul source to help guide the Earth.

Listen, listen to our voices, wisdom, guidance and love,
we are here to guide you all to the New Earth Light.

Be the change and help humanity and your world to
shine bright again among the stars of the universe.

Be the change x