Bright minds are not always the wisest

My guides have a wonderful way of revealing knowledge to me and examples of what they mean to help my understanding. A recent example of this is when I met a professor of science and I asked him what his field of work was. The example he choose to give so we could understand some of his work is how virus’s attack the human body, why they attack certain areas and how they work.

We met in a social situation and after a couple of drinks I asked him his thoughts on celestial beings, life after death, self healing and do we have a soul. Expecting an interesting conversation he just said “you would have to prove it to me, with out proof I do not believe”. I started to tell him about some of my experiences, I soon realized he would not take the word of another, but would have to experience this himself. Fare enough as most of us have to in this 3D human reality.

I then went on to tell him my guides say how restricted our minds are and we only can think in the three dimensional reality of Earth. Through our limited technology and science we can only understand and see the universe in our restricted reality and understanding of our surroundings. I suggested to this gentleman that with his intelligence he could think out of the box and there is more to our universe than we can see. I asked him what he thought about this. ‘Silence’, he looked at me like I was an alien!!!

I realized a couple of days later that this is exactly what my guides have been telling me, even the most intelligent human can be so limited in their way of thinking in this three dimensional reality. But I have seen in my life great minds like Stephen Hawkins who could think out the box. He had a skill of making us think and shift our limited thinking pattern’s of our narrow minds.

As I type this I ask my guides what is the solution. “Simple – all children to be educated along side the understanding of mindfulness, meditation, self healing and sound healing”. I then asked how will this help? “Well, the baby human is born open minded, connected to the higher source of intelligence. If from an young age they have this understanding along side the third dimensional educational system, they will expand their minds and learn more. The humans with a greater IQ will be more enhanced and start to connect to the intelligent celestial species and knowledge of the universe”. They want to remind us we are a telepathic race and many of us can hear their voices and thoughts with this telepathic link. Unfortunately those who do not have the spiritual understanding and ascended mind can be seen to have a mental illness when they say they hear voices. But the light workers that have ascended their mind to fourth and fifth dimensional understanding, understand this communication.

Makes you think does it not?

Whats your thoughts on this subject? x