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Enhance your spiritual knowledge

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Our YouTube channel has a selection of wonderful spiritual knowledge videos for you. They are channeled from Sharon’s guides to help humanity understand life outside the 3D matrix grid of Earth. The knowledge in the videos creates a circle of learning for you to bring clarity of understanding about the universe you live in.

Let’s Talk

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We are very excited about our ‘Let’s Talk‘ that will be on YouTube. It will be a mixture of prerecorded and live videos about various spiritual subjects to help humanity. We will welcome guests that have a spiritual subject they are knowledgeable about to come and share their light with others. This can be about ….  Read More

Once upon a time…

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Once upon a time Mother Earth was a pure light vibrational five-dimensional planet. But her story has unfolded so Earth now resides in this dimensional existence of heavier negative 3D dimensional energy. There was a time when she did not have the heavy negative thought energy of humans dragging her down. Mother Earth cry’s out ….  Read More