Create a new world

I came a cross this that my guides channeled last year – thought I would share with you all x

Create a new world

There lies in all of you layers of light and each layer gives you insight into what you seek.

For those who have clouded minds the light is shadowed by deep-rooted doubt and fears in the human heart.

The shrouded light appears as cruelty, harm, neglect and selfishness to others in your world.

If you listen to us and allow, the clouds will clear and the layers of light can be revealed to you one by one.

As the layers are peeled back, you will hear and see the message that we are all as one in love and unity.

Your last layer reveals to you unconditional love of the divine that sits within your heart and soul.

When you reach this last layer of light, then your true self will be revealed to you and all will become clear.

To create the new world all of humanity needs to work through they’re individual layers of light.

Only when you all reach this point of ascension can all be revealed to you to create the harmony you seek.

Guide each other to the light so you can all be as one and whole again.

Then your new world will appear and this sits with all your hearts and souls ready to be revealed.

Blessings and light to you all xxxxxxx