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Akashic Records Reading

The Akashic Records are essentially an infinite database of all information, past present and future. Existing within the higher dimensions, they can be seen as a very large "library" that contains all wisdom/information. This wisdom and information has been gifted to us to use to help direct our lives, give us clarity, and help us on the Earth Plane.

Beyond just being able to receive clear and specific answers from the Akashic Records, we can also do healing work by collapsing timelines, clearing contracts, healing past lives, etc. Work in the Akashic Records has a deep impact on our present day lives and can be used to help us move forward and out of stagnation. We can also use the records to help us move through blocks.

Are you feeling stuck?

Need more guidance?

Or confirmation of your life path?

What questions do you have?

This reading will provide the information you need at this time to assist your growth and development on a soul level. Accessing the records is one of the great cosmic dispensations of our age and was granted in order to promote soul evolution, the information that comes in is very powerful, often highlighting blocks or difficulties that are holding us back from living our best lives.

Find out your gifts

Why you are here at this time

What challenges you are facing

What you need to do to progress on your path?

Ask from 4 to 10 questions that you truly want answering.

The Records will only ever show and reveal to you what you are ready to receive, and are always filtered through the lens of love. Readings can help you with a variety of topics such as spiritual growth, realignment and redirection, career advice, starseed topics, soul purpose, relationships, past lives, contracts and vows and more.

Each reading will be made specifically for you using the questions you have asked, or I will tap in and see what comes through for you they also may contain activations and meditations to help integrate your new life.

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