Meditation Groups – Online and In Person

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Meditation Groups – Online and In Person

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Meditation Groups – Online and In Person

Living Life... Meditation And Sharing Groups

This group offers an invitation and mirror to explore and become intimate with what is present and currently happening in our internal and external lives as we embody life as it is.

It combines Meditation of a non-dualistic, mindful, presence based nature alongside an optional space to share.
There may also be dialogue, poems and music, all weaving the same theme.

Session Structure
* Some gentle, appropriate music welcomes you as we gather.
* A guided meditation providing an opportunity to pause, slow down, arrive and bring attention to our current experience. (15 minutes)
* An optional space to share about what is present and alive in you and your life. (10 minutes)
* The main guided meditation of a topic or theme. (30 minutes)
* Where appropriate a poem, song or dialogue to close the group. (5 minutes)
* There is availability to talk one to one with me directly after the session.

This group will suit those who have a thirst and curiosity for self-development, awakening, spirituality and/or wish to become more aware, authentic and real within their day to day lives.

It requires a certain depth, sensitivity and willingness to look, feel and own our experience as we slow down and lovingly touch into our mechanics, our inner workings, emotions, behaviours, shadows, relationships, knots and tangles, in short… ‘Our Stuff’.

Although I am hosting the group and leading the meditation I continually encourage and point towards exploring your own experience for that is where your freedom, peace and happiness lies.

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