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Spiritual and Psychic Introductory Talks at Artemis Soul Sanctuary Monmouth Wales

Greetings! 6pm every Thursday from 1st July at Artemis Soul Sanctuary Monmouth I (www.zaharacelestial.com) will be holding a series of Introductory talks here are the first 7 there are more! ...
1. How to Develop your Psychic Abilities. Talk with exercises. We will go through the 'Clares' and touch on the common blocks and ideas that most people have that stop or dampen our innate way of being. We will experience how everyone is naturally meant to be what has been described as extra sensory a 'sensitive' having supernatural abilities.
2. How to Connect with your Guides. Talk with exercises tips on how to connect with your - as Zahara calls them - 'Family of light'.
3. Working with the Archangels. A talk where Zahara will share miraculous experiences of the power of Healing with Angels. Followed by a Guided Meditation with Sounding and Light Language for Healing.
4. Soul Calling. How to trust and take the Leap of faith. Maybe you feel there is more to life. Maybe you have had yearning to do something different but don't know how to start. In this talk Zahara will share her journey. And share tips on how to tune into our intuition and follow our inner Guidance. We will explore how to access Guidance from our Family of Light /Guides. The talk with include a led Journey Meditation.
5. Aliens E.T Galactics. What or who are they. What could be their intention. Is this made up or real. Why are there more sightings now and why has the USA Government chosen this time to admit there are UFO's. Maybe you have had experiences or heard of others who have. Or you could just be curious. Zahara will share her personal experiences of First Contact.
6. Shadow Soul Retrieval and Trauma work. Core to our Spiritual practice is Personal Development work. Releasing trauma and becoming aware of the different aspects of ourselves is key to any Spiritual approach. Zahara has worked therapeutically with adults and children in schools and the community. And has had her own journey of healing. This discussion will share tips on how to achieve a mindfulness and state of awareness and peace regardless of what you or others are experiencing.
7. Ascension, New Earth, 5D and Kundalini Awakening. Maybe you have heard these terms or have had or know others who have experienced unexplained sudden occurrences. Such as physical sensations dreams or even visions. This talk is an introduction to this vast area.
So if you are near to Monmouth every Thursday from 1st July call up or email Artemis Soul Sanctuary to book. Places are £5.
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