Earth Angels walk among us

These words were inspired by spirit written for a lady called Katherine Conner, she is an Earth Angel and runs Bles Sanctuary for elephants

The words from guides reflected the rescue of an elephant and the pain these elephants suffer in mind and body. Also how humanity should reset them selves and treat all animals with kindness.

Touched by an earth angel frightened, lonely holding in the pain, waiting for the day freedom is gained.

Longing for a kindred spirit of your kind to stop and gently touch you with love.

With the days of endless grind, a lack of the divine sits inside your mind.

You rock too and throw with hopelessness, wondering when the pain will go.

You hear a gentle footstep beside you; a hand rests on your shoulder, it is the touch of an angel.

Peace is with in your grasp; a further journey lies ahead before freedom is found.

As the sun drops, there are new smells and gentle spirits on this new path.

At sunrise your life of chains fade away and your freedom has been gained.

You now have bliss with in your heart and have been touched by love and kindness of others.

You have been touched by earth angels and now walk among the green grass.

No more tears, just a smile and the new spirits of your kind in your heart.