Embrace Virtual Education

How our world is changing with this new awakening. With the lock down period changing the way some small to large businesses work with some realising they do not need plush offices and can run a virtual business and be just as successful. The way we will work and educate our selves will never be the same.

Technology has never been a foreign subject to me as a graphic designer, for years I worked with computers every day. I remember the first mac appearing in a studio I worked in, in the 1980’s, we all stood and peered at this strange box wondering how it could change our life’s. My how it has changed since that day.

Apple's Mac Turns 35: A Look at the Good and Bad | Fortune

I have always embraced technology for my mediumship work with video live talks, phone and video readings. I have a YouTube channel with over 150 videos for spiritual guidance, also my guides love technology and use social media for bringing people to my work and their spirit messages.

I have been asked many times to bring my courses online for those that could not physically get to me for spiritual teaching. I never embraced this idea because I love teaching one-to-one or in groups feeling the energies in the room. This energy from each individual helped guide me with my guides to what was needed for each teaching session.

Then my guides reminded me of a period in my life when I studied a distant module learning Garden design Course. I did this over a year with two toddlers in tow. This then led to a very successful garden design business for ten years. This course helped create my dreams while still being an attentive mother and I could learn at my own pace.

So my guides had planted the seed in my head, they wanted me to turn my six week spiritual development course and my ‘Step into the Mind of a medium’ book into distant learning course. WOW, so I said OK, I trusted and they guided me though how to create it and implement it. I already knew doing phone and video readings spirit never let me down, it ourselves that doubt with the fear of being let down and block this way of working. I was starting to understand when you embrace technology new doors open for you.

Long distant learning brings you peace of mind, by taking the pressure of you. It allows you to do your daily job and have vital family time and you have a tutor that’s there to support you through the learning process of your chosen subject. It gives you time to study and work towards your true life path goals.

I have added below my two distant learning courses that are now available:

Soul connection mini course
Step into your mind and be a medium course

I also do online readings, messenger, Whatsapp, by video link. Please contact me by email for more information: Sharon@bengalrose.co.uk or visit www.bengalrose.co.uk

The YouTube channel I mentioned is Sharonbengalrose

Embrace the virtual learning platform for your own businesses future and your own development.

Love and light blessings xxx