Finding Harmony

Came across this today my guide channeled about three years ago, thought I would share x

Harmony lies within you like a flower bud waiting to open, it waits to be released on your earth life’s path. When the flower blooms the pollen is released and will swirl round you, cocooning and protecting you from the fears and the doubts you have about yourself and the world around you.
Harmony is a friend; it protects you from the unknown; when found it sets you on the track of life; remember you are born with harmony within from the moment you take your first breath.

To sustain the harmony you crave, my friends, you need to look at your life, the balance of love against fear, trust against doubt and to manifest what you desire in your life through positive thought.

Harmony can be achieved, my friends, take the simple moment when you watch a bee buzzing above a flower to collect pollen, imagine the wings slow down and you see the bee in a moment of time held in suspension, this is a perfect moment of harmony.

Harmony is when you feel peace and calmness within, a happiness that can never fade. This sits within you all my friends; it is only a touch away. Spirit is harmony, we live in harmony, in love and trust, and this can all be yours.
Some of you see this as out of reach, beyond far horizons; you might see this as a challenge to achieve in the turmoil of your life. But if you could just sit and take your time, and the moments needed sitting listening to the world around by tuning into Mother Nature, the spirit realm and beyond, then you will start to find that balance within, my friends.

Once you have that balance within you, it will trigger the harmony you seek. The harmony of a calm mind that does not judge others, does not criticize, that accepts what comes and trusts that all will be good and well. The harmony of the body, health, the nourishment balance of food and water, this is all vital to creating the harmony you need, my friends.

Once you find the harmony within, the turmoil, the friction, the doubts, the non-believers, the ridiculers will sit at your boundary, they will no longer affect you or hurt you, they will exist with you and be part of your lives, but they cannot harm you. You have found the harmony we create, the protection you need to carry on with your spiritual journey.

As you progress on this journey you are taking, my friends, the harmony you have now found will be seen by others; there will be jealousy, as we have said, people will recoil from you, but then others will be drawn to you. This is all part of your journey, your journey of finding harmony within you.

The key thing for you is when you find this harmony and acceptance of who you are and the balance of health and life, you will be able to reflect this out to others, it will become part of your teachings, part of your way of being. You will find others will wish to be as you are, living in harmony.

Everything you have learnt in this life has come to this stage of your journey and will be what you can teach to others, the good and the bad of your experiences and how to balance themselves. Tell others how you felt when you first experienced spirit, tell your stories, my friends, you will be surprised how people will want to listen to you. They will want to hear your wisdom and philosophy to balance their lives, as they are seeking harmony themselves. They will not realise this at first, but their inner spirit knows this and is trying to encourage them with their higher self in the spirit realm to seek this harmony.

So reflect and realise that just one simple word from you can change someone’s life, and as you reflect your harmony out to others you will become more balanced, more rested within yourself, and you will be in the harmony state that you need to walk your path in life, my friends.

Live in beautiful harmony, rested, peaceful and trusting and with the divine light within you, and you will have wonderful lives.