I ask my guides often why ascension beings work with us and what I do in their name as an advocate for spirit, helps earth and humanity. Today they bought me the word genocide – I asked them how do they deal with the history of human genocide through humanities long history on Earth? I know light workers work to bring love to our world and sometimes I question is it working? This link takes you to the history as a reminder of how we need to change our world –

Ascension light beings have influenced humanity for thousands of years, trying to create a situation where humanity can ascend into a spiritual existence of peace, kindness, compassion and love. There has also been long periods humanity have been left to see how we evolve, always hoping we see the light. In these times it has aloud darker energy beings to influence humanities behavior – there has always been a silent battle between light and dark in the universe and this still goes on.

The turning point for our overseer protectors from our universe was the second world war, when humanity tried to destroy each other, through genocide, weapons and the nuclear bomb. At this point they realised we were not learning from earth’s history of terrible events. They choose to reach out into the universe to call upon other light ascension beings to come and help them with Mother Earth. For these pure of heart beings to see what we were doing to each other broke their hearts, but they saw HOPE on earth.

They knew they had to break down the boundaries of hate held in the hearts of many humans for their fellowman and centuries of indoctrination needed to be eradicated. They worked hard to bring enlightenment to humans creating many light workers to spread the light and love and the messages of our light being overseers.

Even in our modern day it’s continued – Darfur was recognized as the first genocide of the 21st century – war-torn Syria and Iraq in 2014 and 2015 – The Central African Republic between Christian and muslin still happening – Bosnian genocide 8,000 Muslim Bosniak, men and boys in Srebrenica in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Rakhine state in northwestern Myanmar, 3,000 people have been killed in Myanmar, and at least 270,000 have been displaced.

They have bought this awakening to us in 2020 to help humanity look at themselves and how they treat each other and their world. They can see the light building again and the hope for humanity sits at the forefront of their work and ours.

Its easy to write words, but millions of humans still suffer on earth. As light workers please trust that every step you take in the love and light does make a difference. One of our missions is to change the mind set of our world so we do not harm other humans. Humanity needs to start to see each other as the unique individual beings we are. Every human has a right to a full life and situations where they can reach their full potential in that life.

I thank my guides for this reminder that as I often feel I am a small dot trying to making a difference and question if we are.

I am a beacon of light, joining with all the other beacons of light bring hope to humanity and Mother Earth. Our earth will change and we are the ground workers creating the platform for this change.

Trust and keep the faith xx