Hello all here is some guidance from Sharon guides on the emotion grief. Grief has layers of emotions that are energy, there are many facets to this. They ask you to remember you are all individuals and grief many have a similar pattern structure, you are all unique to how you deal with it. Humans can experience forms of grief from a loved on passing, change of relationship or circumstances. Many of you will experience a form of grief in the awakening as your world changes and you have to adjust to the new earth reality. Below is some channeled words of comfort to remind you how unconditional love is always with you when you lose a loved one.

Grief is one of the rawest emotions as a human you will ever experience. Grief takes your energies down into to the lowest depths of despair.

Grief comes from experiencing true love in your human lives. The unconditional love of a parent, lover, friend or animal owner.

Unconditional love is the purest highest energy a human will ever experience. The pure love energy can heal all and take away the despair of grief.

When the physical form of which you love stops living, remember the love you had for them. Remember the joy they bought in to your life.

Remember the happiest moment, the laughter and the kindness you shared. Forgive the moments of anger, frustration and hardship you faced together.

The memory of that life that has now ended will always be in your heart. Their ever-lasting love will always be in your mind, body and your soul.

Remember in separation your loved one walks beside you holding your hand. Your loved one will always shower love down upon you trying to ease your pain.

Your loved ones want you to smile, sing and dance again in your lifetime. They will smile, sing and dance with you as you find the joy in life again.

So my friends lift your grieving heart towards heaven and feel the touch of pure love. Feel the unconditional love of your loved ones who are just a thought and touch away.

Your thoughts and the love from your heart and soul will draw them near. If you sit and listen and feel you will sense their touch of love all around.

Love heals the wounds of time, remember the love and you will smile and find the joy in your hearts again.

Blessing to all xxxxxxx