Heal Mother Earth world wide meditation and guidance – 7pm 30/4/2020

Every Thursday Sharon holds a mediation session and guidance from her spirit team. It starts at 7pm- 7.45 pm meditation at 7.15

She feels live energy healing shares are a wonderful to help raise the energies and sending healing to our world. She will do a healing meditation then there can be discussion on how feel plus some guidance messages.

Below is a message from her spirit team.

Message from my guides – There are lots of theories on what is happening to the world around you at the moment. Humanity has been influenced by ascensions beings for thousands of years and still is. Some from your understanding of heaven, other realms and dimensions and planets. These beings vary from physical form to ethereal multidimensional beings. For the human language the word experiment has been used for your understanding over Earth’s time line creating humans and influencing them to try to create a utopia on Earth. The Earth has had ascension being visitors for millions of years, but no evidence has survived, now go back 12,000 years in Earths history they were starting to be recorded on cave walls, gods and deities were created from they’re influence. Religions were sparked from the feeling of a force unseen but felt in the heart from incarnated soul of the humans.

The influence of these beings on Earth were mixed and not all worked in the light. The overseers of the universe a long time ago created a galactic council to pull together the all ascension beings working in the light. With their telepathic skills and technology they sought to bring they’re light across the universe, helping others to ascend into the light and love way of being. Earth was one chosen for this purpose.

Think of us as friend of humanity, you have free will to a point, but we telepathically influenced your minds, trying to guide you in the right direction. This direction is to influence you to love each other, bring kindness to your world and the planet. For you to see you can self heal yourselves and each other. At the end of your second world war, we felt we were failing you, so we called upon many ascension beings across the universe to come and help us with Earth. This influenced technology, and the progression of humanity our aim was the hope you would develop clean energy, have a global oneness, no more wars etc. But as you know this has not been the case, we struggle with the greed of those that seek power over and the humanity exploiting each other. For example clean technology exists but does not fill the pockets of the rich as would be free to all.

We bought our messages to governments through physical interaction and mind, but this stays behind closed doors and has been misused, this is not what we wanted. So we have bought these messages to mediums through trance and channellers to spread out into humanity. NOW Finely we start to see a shift.

So how do we build on this? We needed to slow the world down, give humans time to reflect and support each other in times of crisis. Create a situation that we influence the minds of the scientist and leaders to talk to each other. This is a time for all spiritual people to start using your mind power to send healing. A virus really no worse than any thing else yet that has been created, but it used to open minds not to destroy humanity. Yes as any illness it will take the weak but the souls incarnated here at this time are aware of this with acceptance to help humanity. You all have single purpose that many of you are unaware off.

These next few months will shift humanities thinking and many things will be revealed to you through unrest of the human population. Through life being quite simple and natural you will open up an awesome spiritual technology that is available, which is nothing like you know now. A lot of humans will develop a higher frequency and you cannot imagine it I know, but believe.

We promised long ago that we would make ourselves visible to humanity. We did so by impressing open-minded scientists to create digital cameras at a frequency the spiritual realms could work with. This allowed us to bring our vibration down so that their light bodies could be caught in photographs. The result of this is the occurrence of Orbs, which have caused such a worldwide sensation as people become aware of something beyond they’re understanding. In the same way more scientists will be consciously or unconsciously receiving downloads from spirit and developing them for the benefit of humanity. Also humans frequency if not altered by human influence and see and hear us.

You are capable of focused thought, especially if a number of people trained in mind control work together, can manifest physical objects as we can. As you ascend into the fifth-dimensional humans develop their higher minds and concentrate on creation for the highest good of all, there will be an exponential shift in your understanding and use of your powers. Crystal technology will have developed well beyond the use of silicone chips in computers, so crystals will be programmed once more to help humanity.

Light frequency will be used to heal human bodies and with the power of thought and intention. The new medicine will be about balancing people’s chakras with sound and light, though herbs and natural products will help everyone maintain the maximum flow of energy in their bodies. Humanity will use Plant products to replace products made from plastics. Clean technology will be the reality of earth. This is over your next 20 years!! And what you are experiencing now is the start of a great shift for humanity.

There will be a time when humanity will be ready to be our equals and will reveal ourselves in a form you can understand walking beside you to heal Earth and help you the best you can be.

NOW use your mind to focus and heal, this can even be done to the point so you do not get ill. If you do imagine the virus in your body surround it with unconditional love intent to destroy it. Its time to reset thousands of years of conditioning and transform to the wonderful beings we know you can be.

Love, kindness and blessings to you all xxxxxxx