Healing the future

Welcome to some guidance form my guide team –

The awakening as this world Covid-19 virus event is being called is going to change earth and the way we heal our selves and Mother Earth creating a New Earth frequency. This event is going to trigger a chain of events on earth over the next ten years so to create for a more positive future for humanity.

When the virus is over and humans are all released from the restraints of the situation there will be huge energy surge of positive vibration from earth. The ascension beings waiting for this will capture this new energy with they’re unconditional love vibration. They will harness and multiply this new energy to create a new love vibration frequency for the New Earth. This energy will then penetrate into all living cells on earth and a new age will begin. The world will change from the old earth frequencies, the 3D heavy darker side of life energy was still existing but shrinking. Crimes will be less as the years pass, as human’s lives will become more balanced and fairer. As earth approaches 2050 criminals will be rehabilitated by mind meditation and mindfulness, as well as counseling. The world addiction abuse that exists in this wakening year of 2020 will be nearly nonexistent and will humanity work hard to eradicate this. Serious physical and mind illnesses become less and less as humanity develop clean energy and way of live. There will still be law and order needed as this new earth will be still living in the 3D energy plane but they have by this time reorganised their world in the 4D energy wave of the new earth frequency.

During the next ten years medicine will alter for physical and mind treatments. The dominant pharmaceutical companies will no longer have the upper hand as many humans will recognised holistic medicine and healing. Natural medicine doctors will became the norm working a long side the doctors of the old earth energy way of understanding.

A greater understanding of light, sound and colour spectrum frequencies was used to heal human bodies. The new way of medicine was about balancing people’s energy points like chakras and using natural herbs and natural products. Also meditation and mindfulness was now part of most human’s lives, making sure all children was taught this from an early age.  This will help everyone maintain the maximum balanced flow of energy in their bodies.

This will all be guided by you with your guides supporting you. But you need to all take charge of your own destiny. Please watch the video we channeled and share to the world.


Love and blessing to all xx