Let the light in – are you a leader of the light?

A must-read channeled guidance to understand humanities ascension process, channeled from my Pleiadean guide named Kyaserial

Earth is in the process of an awakening unlike any other humanity has ever experienced on Earth. When a civilization struggles to reach its full potential because its people cannot work in unity, it will eventually self-destruct, taking the life force space of the people with it.

Many millennia of humanity’s history lie wasted and forgotten in the layers of Earth’s dust. Many times, over your planet’s history, civilizations have been rebuilt in the hope humanity can live as one. Always, there is the continued hope that a new world will emerge and exist in the continuous light energy of love and not the darkness of hate, doubt and fear.

Earth’s story is told across many of the universe’s civilizations, used as a teaching example for others to learn from. It brings to them the lesson that if you do not listen to your life force space and respect your own kind, the utopia that is often sought is never found.

This awakening event of 2020 has lots of theories created by humans to explain what is happening to the world around you. Humanity has been influenced by ascensions beings for thousands of years and still is. These beings vary from physical form to ethereal transitional multidimensional beings. For the human language, the word experiment has been used for your understanding. There has been experiments over Earth’s timeline creating humans and influencing them in various ways to try to create a sustainable utopia. One of these was for Earth to be part of the universal incarnation programme allowing many high ascension beings to experience life on Earth as it struggles to ascend, setting themselves lessons to learn from this connection in a heavier energy existence. All of this knowledge was bought back to the overseers to help them make decisions about humanities future.

Your Earth has had ascension being visitors for millions of years, but a lot of evidence has not survived. The influence of these past ascension beings on Earth was mixed, as not all worked in the light. A long time ago, the overseers of the universe created the Intergalactic Council to pull together all the ascension beings working in the light energy for the highest good of all. With their telepathic skills and technology, they sought to bring their light across the universe, helping others to ascend into the light and love way of existing and Earth was chosen for this purpose.

Now go back 12,000 years in Earth’s history, when humans were starting to record the ascension beings on cave walls and gods and deities were created from their influence. Religions were sparked from the feeling of a force unseen but felt in the heart from incarnated souls within the humans.

Think of these ascension beings in the light as friends of humanity. Humans have free will to a point; there were gaps in the overseers’ influence when we left humanity alone and as Earth history shows darkness came, and with that, wars. So, at various times when humanity needed a push back into the light, they telepathically influenced your minds, trying to guide humanity onto the path of ascension again. This ascension path helps humans to be influenced to love each other, bringing kindness to humanity and the Mother Earth. They knew humans could reach an ascension level where they could heal themselves and each other if they reached the understanding of four to five-dimensional clarity.

At the end of Earth’s second world war, the overseers felt they were failing humanity and Mother Earth, so they called upon many ascension beings from the light across the universe to come and help them including the Pleiadeans. We became observers, incarnated souls and guides. Through incarnation soul base many beings set missions to help Earth ascend, we stopped just gathering information and learning lessons for our own ascension path and worked to help humanity survive.

Through these new alliances, we influenced technology, and the progression of humanity and one of our missions was the hope humanity would develop clean energy and have a global unity with no more wars, just peace. Clean technology does exist on Earth, but it does not fill the pockets of the rich; as it should be free to all, but it remains at this time hidden from the Earth societies by the power over darker energies. The overseers sometimes had to accept these darker influences were more powerful when the light forces choose not be so influential on Earth. They always hoped the humans would be strong enough to eradicate this on their own with a soul and higher self-connection support network. The overseers and Intergalactic Council fought battles in various dimensional existences to eradicate the dark energy beings influencing the Earth.

The overseers brought their message through ascension beings to Earth’s governments through physical interaction and mind connection, but this stayed behind closed doors and was misused by those who had the privilege of meeting these beings. The overseers then decided to bring the message of change to humans through trance mediums, channelers and the souls placed that had agreed to be triggered to spread their purpose of light and new hope into humanity. With this now finally in place by late 2019 of Earth time, the overseers started to see a positive shift in human energies. and thought patterns.

The overseers then had to plan a strategy to build on this progress. They needed to slow the world down and give humans time to reflect and support each other in times of crisis, to create a situation that would influence the minds of the scientists and leaders to talk to each other. For hidden agendas to be revealed to the public domain of human society, so humanity could question their reality. This was also a time for all spiritual people to start using their telepathic mind power links to send for example remote healing, so they understood the power of telepathic connection. But the main reason was to help heal Mother Earth so she and humanity could survive.

This virus infection is no worse than anything else that had yet been created on Earth but was designed to open minds rather than destroy humanity. As with any illness it would take the weak of physical body, and it had the hidden facet of also taking the strong, this had to be placed in their consciousness in their DNA, to be triggered when the virus struck, and this was to bring the fear base around this virus. Humans all have a unique single purpose that many of them are unaware of, until the overseers trigger their purpose.

As the virus took hold round the Earth the overseers could see the shift in humanity’s thinking and many things were being revealed to them through changes being imposed on the population. Money was not as important, materialistic items could be lived without, and what they had was valued more. Families have been divided due to quarantine restrictions and this has helped humanity appreciate each other and the freedom they once had. This period of time has unleashed pent up anger, for example over how humanity treated each other because of the colour of their skins. The Earth word racism has been used and this human way of thinking I see goes backs centuries. These changes need to be bought to the surface to shift the old energy to the new high Earth frequency, it has bought unrest for many but also created positive change. People have started to question how they live and are being drawn to the smaller community concept. Images have started to emerge of Mother Earth healing, seas clearing, animals coming back to old habitats, because humans have not been actively trampling Earth, and this meant less pollution.

The overseers observed firstly those humans that had to isolate in their dwellings, were finding solitude, solidarity, and the challenge of mind and self-awakening through this process. Secondly, those humans who were named as being on the front line, which were the key workers and the sick. These humans found challenges of mind and body, solidarity, some solitude, new inner strength and self-awakening. No matter their religion or creed they had to dig deep inside to find strength to get through this time period of change.

Many humans have experienced isolation and loneliness at the end of their lives, but their soul level was always prepared and supported during this process and the chosen guides kept the soul safe on its transition home. The humans that were already awakened have used the awakening time space to rediscover themselves and their true ordained Earth’s path. They had to dig deeper than they ever had before to reach their soul level and life’s purpose. They are learning about trusting their intuition, which comes from the soul level of the human experience.

It has been observed that many humans cannot understand this virus, as the number ill and dying were lower than that, say, of a bad flu epidemic. All sorts of conspiracy theories have been circulated, being fed by the darker fear-based energies. It does not matter if this was a human built contagion, or Earth’s biological reaction to technology and pollution, it was triggered by an ordained higher power source to try and help humanity. The decision was made on this Earth’s timeline based on previous Earth events that led to this point of desperation. The overseers and Intergalactic Council had really hoped it would not come to this but stepped into bring a needed awakening to humanity, so to give Mother Earth a chance to heal and reset her energies. War was not an option as you would harm Mother Earth further as well as each other.

The Pleiadeans have been a huge part of this awakening period. We have bought Pleiadean guides to every light worker. The purpose of this is to channel the light to Earth and one way of this is through telepathic communication and channeling. We are the architects of a new light program to help humanity and we work with many ascension species that have formed alliances with Earth through the intergalactic council. Many light workers who have been on the path for a few of your Earth years, are now merging with other light workers energies to work together. These are higher self/souls that have been part of ancient times plans and have gained great knowledge and are known to some as Avatars. Example of these ancient souls include the founders of major world religions, such as Jesus, Buddha, and Krishna. An Avatar is born not to show us how great they are, but to give us hope that humanity can gain state of consciousness that the avatar human has attained.

This ancient knowledge is now going to emerge through teachings that are being downloaded to a chosen few leading light workers as the awakening unfolds on Earth. These humans are predestined for this knowledge and they have high ascended twelve guides working with them. We work within the twelve essence, as within it, it creates imagination, effective communication, tolerance, self-sufficiency, self-determination, cooperation, optimism, and dynamism exists. Virtually everything twelve does is expressed creatively. Twelve is the base of creation of the universe and the creative mind. Twelve is used to create what is needed in all sorts of existence in creation.

For your understanding we are working in unities of twelve that symbolises the power of the universe overseers, this can be found in Earth’s history – reflected in the era of Jesus New Testament of the Bible, such as Jesus’ selection of twelve apostles, he said, “That choice was deliberate, with each apostle representing one of the twelve tribes of Israel” and don’t forget the twelve cities in Atlantis and their twelve guardian celestial beings. There are twelve main gods in Greek mythology, Odin had twelve sons in Norse mythology, twelve disciples of Christ in Christianity, and twelve Imams in the Islam religion. The samples I have given might seem male energy driven but through history disciples and light leaders have been of mixed gender trying to spread the light. In modern day society at the moment the divine female energy is more at the fore front as leaders of the light. This varies depending on the Earth’s energies of the time, but we are now working to bring the more masculine energies in to balance the high frequency energies again. In the most of cases number twelve is actually a representation of authority and perfection.

If you are one of these chosen leaders of twelve, you will have twelve disciples, this could be people in your teaching groups, mentoring or a friend/family member you are guiding on their spiritual path. These leaders will be the light of twelve beings on Earth guiding them. Some of the twelve group with them, then become leading teachers themselves, who will then be sent twelve disciples to guide. This will create a ripple effect out through Earth’s consciousness. The soul base of the twelve will always stay soul linked even if the destined Earth life drifts them apart.

When you are part of a group of twelve on Earth, your higher self stays linked when part of that Earth circle of twelve. They meet off world in a high dimensional space of unison energy. Higher self’s come from various sources of creation and can be multidimensional transitional forms to physical presence. So, the space of unison energy allows all to exist and communicate in the circle with the leader of light in the centre. As this circle on Earth grows and the individuals develop, some will become teachers on Earth. This will lead them to become a leader of light of twelve further humans creating another circle. The higher self’s in the unison energy, can be part of their own development circle, and multitask being a leader of light for a new circle. Highly ascended higher self’s have the ability to be in several places at once giving their teachings to others. All leaders of light have an Earth life as they work with human individuals. As they ascend on Earth in the dimensional energies, their higher self grows as well. The higher self can become an ascended master leader of light, that runs many circles in the unison energy off world, as well as overseeing their Earth life. The unison space circles of twelve are forever growing and ascending causing the ripple effect of growth and ascension for humanity on Earth.

Those that are the leaders such as light workers like mediums or healers will experience great energy shifts at this time, and they will be asked to be Light reading channelers. This will create a different perception for them and their communication with us will be on a higher vibration. Their new mission with this ascension is to help humanity heal, and this will be done through these channeled light readings, which will involve energy healing and guidance messages. These leaders will hold the light we are channeling to Earth, guiding others to understand this new light energy and spread our teachings.

There is a plan for humanity, see it as an artist’s painting, always an evolving work of creation, always in motion and never quite finished. A creation that will be admired by many but shunned by a few. The plan being one day humanity will never shun the light, but always admiring creation in all forms.