Light language the language of love – and light codes

I held a trance session that revealed to us knowledge about light language. I thought I would share.

Light language has been around in the universe since the start of intelligent life.  It is a high frequency vibrational language that exists in the high light universe frequency, what we understand as light, harmonic sound and color way frequency.

This was devised by the overseers of the universe so all the high frequency species working for the good of all can communicate in a frequency they can all understand. Now when they say all species this is the celestial being of physical make up in the high multi-dimensional existence – OR species that are light multidimensional transitional beings.

I have experienced this in trance and there are many light workers who have too. This week we did a trance session where my guides said we would experience light language. We took it in turns.

Sitter, one did speak in a language we did not recognize of Earth. I was asked to interoperate it, which I did at high-speed handwriting on my pad. I felt the channeling was coming from not within me but my guides.

Sitter two did not speak in any language but English. Her guide came forward to explain what light language was (first papa). She also confirmed it was my guide translating to me what was being said. The sitters guide explained that what we heard was sitters one three-dimensional translation of what they were telepathically loading into her, light code love language. The guide confirms our brain and physical voice is in on a lower frequency. Some humans would not need a guide to translate, but there are a few humans on a very high frequency vibrating at a level the light code can be recognized in its true form. In ancient times on Earth there was times when civilizations had that ability. She also said what we heard was not anything like we would experience when we go back to our sources of creation in the higher frequency vibration.

Sitter three (me) bought forward my Pleiadean guide Kasheariel. No Light language words but apparently high vibration sounds that sounded like singing bowls came forward trying to demonstrate the harmonic sound healing frequency. She also revealed animals like dolphins, whales and elephants are on this light language frequency.  Dolphins come from the Sirius region of space and were bought to earth to keep her vibration high and pure (sadly with human pollution this is proving a challenge at the moment). Kasheariel also explained the light language has a symbolic written language attached to it for physical frequency beings. This has been part of the human race for thousands of years in many civilizations’ symbols. Pleiadean’s teach it to their younglings as well as the sound vibrations of the light language. They incorporate this light language in their daily practice as humanity will one day if they can change and ascend. She also advised that all species are various levels of dimensional existence (5-9) interprets this language at their frequency of existence, but they all understand each other and tune into each other frequencies.

The reason we are called light workers is because of this light language. What was interesting when our guides communicate telepathically with us humans, it comes in on the light language frequency to all of us. We translate it into our language through our words in our memories. We have deep set memory in our DNA that helps with this. They also use this light language to download through dream state, meditation, and trance knowledge into our deep consciousness. They also use this high frequency to download healing and knowledge into Earths Crystals. They also have told me they download these light activation codes for example in recorded meditations, oracle cards and through sound bowls healing and healing forks. I know when I have created my meditations with my guides guidance, that every time it is played, the light codes are triggered so the guides of the listener can bring the frequency need for that human.

Is it not amazing!!

Well, I hope this was of help for you all x