My Boyd and Barney – Dealing with grief over the loss of a pet

The day arrives when you excitedly go to pick up your new pet. The excitement of welcoming this new being that will bring love into your home and give you unconditional love. This new dog and cat will be part of your home, daily decisions and thought process for years to come.

They rely on you for training, guidance and their daily needs and their whole world evolves around you and your family. They slot into your family with their physical form and you are hooked. You love their character, funny quirks and even their annoying habits.

They bring you comfort when you are down and they just know when you need unconditional love. You nurse them through times of sickness with your love and devotion, that they then give back to you in bucket loads.

After years of a happy family life together, the day comes when you have to say good bye to your pet family member who you love dearly. They might have been sick for a while or their death is sudden. No matter how their passing happens it is a gut wrenching feeling the sudden loss of your beloved pet.

So the grieving begins…

Guilt is often the first thing that surfaces, could you have done more? Did I make the right decision? The moment you return home with their lead, neck collar and name tag with just emptiness within your home and heart. You pick up their food bowl and bedding to wash for the last time.

How do you deal with this loss?

Keeping yourself busy is one way, but you must let the tears flow over the next few weeks and months and they will come in unexpected waves.

Like all grief it suddenly emerges when you least expect it. Honor this grief, as it is because you loved an animal unconditionally and you miss their unconditional love and physical presence. You can do symbolic gestures like planting a plant in their memory or frame a picture of them. But most of all talk about them with your family and friends, remembering the happy times you had with them.

Pets are bought to us for various reasons – comfort – love – company – soul spirit connection. Boyd was all of these for me, his soul was a special high ascension energy, here for my spiritual channeling and work at home and he was my shadow. We always laughed as he was a bit dopey at times but he was an ancient soul. I will miss him every day but I have the comfort of his higher self love from spirit, and he has been back to see me showing himself as I knew him on earth. I have also been privileged to see his natural form a high ascension being that works with many humans enhancing their energy for spiritual connection. Barney was a loving cat here for companionship with a calming loving spirit energy. He visits often and have felt him pawing my leg.

People say why do we do this to ourselves – have a pet so we can lose them and struggle with the grief. Why do we fall in love with our partner in life, why do we have children? Humans are mostly a loving race and our human essence seeks companionship and unconditional love and our human love is boundless.

I know I still have a space in my heart of another dog or cat, but for now I am giving my love and devotion to my old dog Gemma. She has health issues too and we take it a day at a time in our bubble of unconditional love x