Like many of you I have been shocked and upset by the Russian invasion of the Sovereign Nation Ukraine. I recently read a book of one lady’s account of the Hitler invasion of Europe and persecution of Jews and other nationalities. When I read this book I had tears as I read the words of how so many suffered. I remember thinking surely humanity has learned from these devastating events.

It is during the 2nd world War when humanity dropped too nuclear bombs on Japan that the Celestial Guardian overseers of Earth had to reevaluate how they help Earth. Do they walk away and leave us to our own fate or continue to help us? They decided not to give up on us. My channeled Book ‘New Earth – the light beyond the horizon’ tells of many years of turbulence where regimes will fall. Humanity will shift countries from war and climate change, Earth will reset it self over the next 50 to 100 years. They talk of the wakening period and the Covid 19 is the start of this long period of time for humanity. Holistic and spiritual way of existence will come to the fore front, humanity will eventually settle into a way of life which will lead us to become part of the Inter Galactic Alliance. We will walk among the stars. The channeled book ‘Celestial guardians of Earth’ will enlighten you to how the Celestial guardians of Earth work with us.

These two books mentioned will give hope to humanity. Remember we are the ground workers shaping a new reality. As part of this NEW WORLD there has to be turbulent stormy times to reach the smooth oceans of peace.

I pray everyday for peace. Join me and many others in this act of healing energy. Every positive vibration helps to counteract negative actions.

Praying for Peace to our world.