Once upon a time…

Once upon a time Mother Earth was a pure light vibrational five-dimensional planet. But her story has unfolded so Earth now resides in this dimensional existence of heavier negative 3D dimensional energy. There was a time when she did not have the heavy negative thought energy of humans dragging her down. Mother Earth cry’s out to the universe as a living entity to be healed. The only way this will happen is for humans to leave the planet or change their attitude and way of thinking.

Negative Statement I know!!!

Love does exist on Mother Earth and we are created in unconditional love energy that resides in the mother’s womb. Humanity has evolved a reality of Ying and Yang – negative V’s positive – love V’s hate thought patterns to create what humanity is today. The challenge humanity and Earth human individuals face is dragging yourselves out of the negative energy thought pattern into a positive thought process of existence. You have to conquer and change centuries of deep-set negative thought processes. Dealing with the higher positive energies of the universe is a difficult task for those living in the 3D energy grid of Mother Earth.

On a more positive note!!!

Humanity can change. This will be achieved through individual spiritual development. This starts with you! You all have the inner ancient knowledge that sits within your DNA and your soul to help you achieve this spiritual journey.  The first thing you have to do is change your thought process into a healing holistic powerful battery that can send positive high vibrational frequencies to every cell in your body. Remember you are all energy. You are not only fuelled by food and liquids, you are also fuelled by the divine unconditional love and light, colour and harmonic sound vibration of the universe.

Every human has to take charge of their own ascension journey to create a better existence for humanity. This can be a daunting prospect we know, so we always suggest small steps that will grow into large strides of change.

  • Step 1: look at your thought patterns: are you living in the old structure reality of existence in a world of hate, depression, sickness and negativity? Do you find when you find what you think is love you destroy it? Are you on a self-destruct reality path? Yes! Trust small steps of reviewing your life and how you can change for the better will make the difference. Place reminders in your home, work, car and in fact everywhere you go that positive thoughts brings love into your life.
  • Step 2: Learn to love yourself as you are, knowing positive changes will help you grow to be a better person. Set yourself daily affirmations of how wonderful you are repeat this daily.
  • Step 3: learn to meditate and mindfulness. This will still your mind and bring you clarity and better health through relaxation.
  • Step 4: learn to evaluate yourself weekly. Do not be hard on yourself just set small goals of how you can improve your life for the better. For example, look at your food and drink intake and how much you exercise. What person do you want to be this time next year? How will you achieve this? Imagine you are in the new positive reality you want to achieve for yourself.
  • Step 5: Trust the spiritual journey. You have guides that wish to help you change and achieve your spiritual life mission of change while here on Earth. Talk to them and ask them for help.
  • Step 6: Seek a spiritual Earth human mentor to guide you through this journey
  • Step 7: As you achieve your goals of change for the better you, pat yourself on the back at your positive progress. Then take a leap of faith and stride forward in life to your new positive loving reality future.

Life can be the fairy tale you wish to make it. You deserve happiness and success, and this can all be achieved while existing in a kind loving positive energy of existence.

Be the change.

Be the positive ending.

Be the inspirer for others to follow.

Love and blessings x