Our mission is to change the human perspective

Channeled from my Pleiadean guide named Kyaserial

We bring you this guidance about the human perspective from our high dimensional perspective of the human race.

Humanity that lives on Earth lives in a 3D matrix of vibrational frequency that is heavier than say the high frequency dimensional existence we are channeling from. Mother Earth has her own frequency existing in many layers of dimensional energy vibration. At the moment she pulsates at the 3D energy vibration, hampered by humanity’s heavy fear energy and the reality this creates. This 3D energy is a slow sluggish energy that drags the reality each human chooses to live along with it. This creates a fear-based existence, but the human heart might want change for a better life, and they can feel they are having to climb an endless wall to try to make the changes they want. This can lead to self-doubt, selfish behavior, anxiety and fear of the past and future. The heavy 3D energy creates a barrier of heavy energy that can block any lighter frequency energy. Lighter frequency energy is a high love vibration that lifts the fear energy and helps to disburse it.

We are working at the moment with humanity to change this heavy 3D frequency on Earth and one of the things we need to enlighten you about, is how you see your world and yourselves, as this really matters to help resolve this. This of course comes down to perspective through your own eyes and then reflects in your life’s story and how you wish others to see you. When you are old enough to make you own decisions, every human creates a persona based on their perceived reality. This persona is created from outside influences in your life that affects your mind. This is all energy, the physical body is energy, your thoughts are energy and your ethereal force field is energy. The mixture of these three create the unique vibrational signature of existence others will see you by. You all have an individual vibrational signature that sits within the heavy 3D matrix of existence.

Now we give you this example. Mrs Smith lives next door to Mrs Jones. They have been neighbors for 5 years. Mrs Jones is always complaining about others to Mrs smith, and about Mrs Smith to others, hence creating an unpleasant toxic way of existence. This has bought a fear-based existence to Mrs Smith, when she heard of the hate energy being created about her. It has created barriers in her mind that made her not want to leave her home, in case of ridicule and fear others are talking about her. Now, we send Mrs Smith a friend called Mrs Love. Mrs Love listens to Mrs Smith and knows that being horrible back to Mrs Jones will not serve any purpose. So, Mrs Love lifts Mrs Smiths energies by building her confidence, guiding her through meditation to clarity of mind and being a good listing friend. This has created a lighter love energy for Mrs Smith, and she starts to leave home, feeling lighter, happier and smiling at those including her neighbor Mrs Jones that gossiped about her. Mrs Smith now has one good true friend Mrs Love and she allows the others that gossip about her to fall to the wayside as they do not serve this newfound high vibrational existence she has discovered. Mrs Smith has changed her perspective about her reality. She now does not fear her street anymore, she has climbed the wall and reached the top to see a new reality. The clouds have lifted to bring sunshine to her every step and her thoughts are now positive. She develops new friends from Mrs loves acquaintances, all caring and supporting each other. Mrs Jones is still the same, gossiping about others, but she no longer gossips about Mrs Smith, as her light now shines too bright for her to see her clearly. Mrs Jones energy continues to attract similar darker energy creating a heavy reality of forever circling chain of similar events.

We bought you an example to help you realise your perspective is based on how other humans behave around you and what they tell you. Now you do choose a path on this Earth life to experience certain things, Mrs Smith’s soul/higher self wanted to experience being a victim of this unacceptable behavior of gossip, and Mrs Jones is placed to create this lesson! Food for thought.

For centuries of your time incarnated souls have come to Earth for lessons in the heavier 3D energies, but since your last world wars the incarnation programme changed as we could see humanity was declining to self-destruction. At the end of Earth’s second world war, the overseers of humanity called upon many ascension beings from the light across the universe to come and help them, including the Pleiadean’s. We became observers, incarnated souls and guides. Through incarnation soul base many beings set missions to help Earth ascend, we stopped just gathering information and learning lessons for our own ascension path and worked to help humanity survive.

We looked at what we needed to bring to humanity

  • Humans need to understand the connection they have from birth with the divine source’s energy.
  • They need to learn soul connection and have a better understanding of the higher self and intuition.
  • They need to discover their true self’s and their life’s Earth missions.
  • They need to understand about dimensional existence and realms of energy as well as the physical 3D presence they live in.
  • They need to learn about the shift into 5D multidimensional transitional existence and what it could mean to themselves, Earth and humanity.
  • They need to understand the ancients that used to live on Earth and how this old energy is now coming back to help humanity.
  • They need to be enlightened about ascension beings’ alliances with Earth
  • They need to understand the 2020 awakening and why.
  • They need to learn to live without fear and self-doubt.

You need to learn to take responsibility and learn how to change and trigger your next individual ascension stage, and this is where you come in – it’s all about changing your perspective.

I give you another thought to consider. Your scientists and astrologers see the universe in their 3D perspective. For example, when a high-powered telescope sees a distant galaxy or planet, they understand what they see based on their limited existence, so this limits their perspective. What they are not seeing is the layers of dimensional existences of grid matrix’s energies, hearing the harmonic sound and the realms of life that are not physical planets.

We talk about changing your perspective. How can you do this?

  • Replace negative thoughts with positive ones
  • Replace hate with love
  • Learn to clear your mind through meditation
  • Learn mindfulness to help conquer stress
  • Link to your soul connection
  • Find you intuition link and trust it
  • Be open to any new possibilities no matter how strange or bazaar
  • Find your true spiritual path
  • Help others achieve their goals in life
  • Learn to work in unity not divide
  • Cultivating altruistic behavior

Everything we listed above takes hard work and commitment from you to achieve as you have to change a lifetime of old habits. Once you take the decision to change your perspective, we can help you on this journey. Every human that starts a spiritual journey will have a Pleiadean guide working with their other guides to help them ascend.

This mission of perspective alteration will change humanity, humans will start to shift their own unique vibrational energy footprint to the lighter 4th and 5th dimensional energies. This will open up doors of universal knowledge as your new higher frequency perspective will see the true cosmic reality. Then BOOM humanity on Earth will then unite with the many ascension species through the universe that have an alliance with Earth through the overseers. Humanity will live among the many star systems and help many other species to ascend.

We hope you except this mission of changing your perspective as we are fully committed to this mission if you choose to except it. We ask when excepted you teach this new perspective to the children of your world.