Message from my guides – We have been part of Earth’s history for a long time and since humanity appeared and with intelligence there has been forms of racism. This racism ranges through many fascists and can be against skin colour, hair colour, creed, religion and disability. Basically any thing a human might consider different from what they think is normal.

Some of this racism is from deep set community roots trying to keep their culture pure. This then embeds in to the humans of the community being passed on to generation after generation. In this 3D heavy energy grid they see this as a normal life, even it means killing and protecting them self’s from who they consider will taint there life’s.

The ego can play a part in this racism, taking control and being empowered by the how the individual feels for others that are different to them.

I ask you do you see racism in your animal kingdom, yes you see death as they kill each other for their survival. But its for food and they only take what they need its not racism? We give a simple example. Your dog breed called labador, they come in various shades and there are four dogs, in varying colours black, brown, blond and golden living with their owners, one whom is in a wheel chair. One dog was born with a leg missing and one is blind. They all live together in a house, bonded by their unconditional love for each other. They do not see the colours, or disabilities, they except each other as they are in love.

Humans need to start seeing their world differently and breaking the boundaries that limits their view of their world. Adults need to take responsibility to eradicate racism and guide the children to a new ascension thought process of acceptance.

But you must understand with the awakening at this time it is bringing fourth the voice of the suppressed. The voices need to be expressed and be heard for humanity to shift their way of existence. The humans frustration causes the anger and then there are those that will use this anger for their own violent needs. It is not a nice picture we are painting.

We ask you as individuals to help us bring the light to all that are at this time on Earth suppressed within your Earth’s boundaries. We ask you to pray they can voice their opinion peacefully against racism with out suppression from the power over rulers. We ask you to pray that racism in any form is eradicated from Earth and humanity can have an understanding of each other in the spiritual light of love and unity.

When you send out these prayers with true love intention we can build on this power energy and sending healing back to earth. We need to work as a team to change your world.

Pray every day for your world to find its ascension path of love and light and be the difference.

Love and blessing xxxx