Telepathic communication energy levels explained for spiritual development and connection

It has come to my guides notice there seems to be confusion with many light workers about the different energy levels used by the spirit realm & our celestial friends and how they can communicate with us. To stop confusion and wrong teachings with the help of my guides I have put together a document with the main 10 different communication energies and brief explanations of how they work. If you wish to have a FREE PDF copy please email me at healing and I will send you one.

All communication from the spirit realm and beyond is through telepathic mind link, channelled communication. It can also involve the human sixth senses, (empathic third eye), smell, sight, hearing, touch and taste. These energy’s can cause sensations in and around the body that can change over time as you get used to them. Below is brief explanation on how each energy system works.

Please have the understanding that your guides use your language and memories to create their words and messages. As you develop and ascend on the journey of learning on Earth this will alter to them bringing in knowledge and evidence not known to the medium or world as a whole. You will understand this better with our explanation on each energy level. Always set your intentions when working with the different energies to work in Love and for the highest good all those involved.

You will find more information on these energy’s in the book ‘Step in to the mind of a medium’ by Sharon Milne Barbour. Also my new book Deep Core healing.

Mental mediumship / clairvoyant communication energy

Mediums are light workers that focus on bringing communication from the human essence that has passed over back to their source of creation.

Mediums working in the clairvoyant energy work with a higher more powerful energy vibration level. They have to keep themselves energised for a long period of time to keep their connection to source, the spirit realm. The mediums selected guide team will help with this harnessing the mediums energy and using the energy around them to boost their connection. It takes dedication for the medium to achieve this level of energy that is needed and to hold it.

The reason the higher energy is needed is because the essence of the loved ones that wish to communicate have not had the chance to blend with the medium’s energy before. It takes a lot of energy from the spirit realm to telepathically link and hold that communication process with the medium.

It takes dedication from the human sitter to achieve a strong steady flowing journey in this clairvoyant energy.

Psychic energy links

All humans have a psychic energy level. This energy is considered by us a high vibration, but not as high as needed for the clairvoyant connection. To be a psychic medium reader you need to harness this connection energy, working alongside your guide team. The working psychic receives information about events and people from the vibration energy of a person, place, or object. A psychic can read a person’s energy and may perceive past and present events, in that person’s life. They should not be giving far of future life events as this is a false information. The human future can alter if needed for the greater good. If the recipient is given a potential future that is not truth to their life learning, it can steer them of their spiritual and life path. The psychic reader can pick up on very near future guidance that helps the recipient of the message. All messages should be for the NOW to help the recipient to evaluate and move forward correctly on their life journey.

Psychic reader will see the information in their mind’s eye and feel energy and emotion to build their readings using all their senses. They are working more in the three-dimensional energy level, but also at times linking into guided information from a higher frequency of 4th and 5th dimension energy. When this happens it is when the recipient’s guides, and the psychics guides communicate with each other to inspire the working psychics mind. This ensures the correct information needed for the recipient is gathered and communicated. The psychic worker will use the chosen tools like tarot cards or physical objects belonging to the recipient to inspire themselves with their guides influencing their minds.

A clairvoyant medium when giving readings will drop into the psychic energy level if their energies are low. Some mediums start readings off in the psychic energy slowly building up their energy and confidence to connect with the higher clairvoyant energies.

Trance energy

Trance is channelling inspiration and evidential mediumship where the sitter is in a trance altered state. The sitter allows spirit communicators to connect to their energy field and communicate mind-to-mind using their sitters human voice as spirits spoke person. They develop so their conscious mind can be silent, and they can step aside allowing the guides and observers to communicate. The aim is to bring forward through the human sitter communication for learning and evidential communication.

The trance energy is a calmer more passive energy created by the spirit realm to allow inspiring words and communications from the celestial guides and observers of humanity. There are many different ‘levels’ and ‘depths’ of trance, between the states of ‘Light Trance’ and ‘Deep Trance’. If you are drawn to trance you will develop to hold the trance energy for longer periods allowing longer conversations with the communicating guides.

In light trance the sitter is still aware of the room, they are in and what is going on around them. In the very lighter levels the sitter is inspired to speak with their eyes open, just connecting to the trance state. They can also do inspired inspiration writing which helps to strengthen the link with their guides at this early stage. Their trance connection will get deeper as they progress on the trance journey. Some say it’s like being in a meditative state of being.

‘Deep Trance’, is where a sitter can be nearly or completely totally unaware of anything that is happening with themselves and around them – they allow their conscious self to step aside, allowing the spirit communicator to communicate through their mind and voice. Some sitters will have some awareness but feel very distant from their normal reality. The truly deep trance state is often linked with the trance physical mediumship.

It’s important trance is done is a quite setting with one other present or in a development group. You will be guided by your guides to where to go for your development. If you read ‘The Magic of spirit book’ this will explain signs that are send and how they work to guide you on your spiritual path.

Channeling energy

As everything we talk about in these explanations is channeling energies at different energy levels this can cause confusion among the teachers of spiritual knowledge. Channeling knowledge energy is a calming energy that calmly builds strength over time.

We are talking about a unique special energy that is created for the chosen guide communicator(s) to build with their chosen human’s energy field. This is the human knowledge facilitator predestined to channel written knowledge from us to publish to the human race for humanities spiritual development and ascension while here on Earth.

A selected guide will build with the selected human the channeling energy slowly. The reason it’s done gradually is to build up the telepathic communication in the wakened state of being which one day will flow smoothly like a conversation between humans. If it is not done correctly the human mind cannot cope with a sudden build-up of energy and will reject the process. The guide will start by inspiring their mind with words making the human feel they need to express them. The human will express in short bursts of time through written word or verbal recording in the early stages. They may also be guided to source information from their world net. As the human trusts its journey to channel from celestial beings, the guide will build the energy up to a point when the telepathic conversation is free flowing and can be typed up as it comes in. Now because the human mind is not developed much beyond the 3D energy field of Earth this is often limited up to 30-minute bursts of channelling with rest in-between.

When a human reaches 4D/5D dimensional energy levels the guide forgets about using the human minds knowledge and brings new knowledge to Earth not yet revealed to humanity. This takes TRUST from the human, if you doubt this remember all knowledge on Earth was once NEW.

To clear up any confusion, this channeling energy is different to the clairvoyant energy for giving messages. Mediums get information for the recipient through short high energy bursts which can be a mixture of words in the head, visualization and using the body sensory system. Through the development they learn to interpret them and with time it becomes a quicker smoother process. It is very rare for a medium to have free flowing conversation like an experience channeler for world knowledge.

Meditation energy

Meditation energy is an energy designed for humanities physical make up and it heightens the senses. Over time you will notice subtle physical and mental changes in your human form when you meditate.

In meditation, you are shifting your awareness from the usual focus, of past and future to the now moment creating calmness in the mind. In daily activity, the mind is engaged in observing, discriminating, deciding, analysing, and accomplishing. Meditation gives you the opportunity to shift gears, let go of this focus and experience a more peaceful, silent state of being.

With practice many can reach such a calm state of mind they explain it like being in a void, often described as empty and black. This void state is wonderful for mental health and physical well-being. BUT we do like to use this meditative state of being to give you downloads of ancient knowledge and energies and send you on a visualisation journey using your imagination energy to celestial places. Your guides can often work with the chosen channelers we mentioned earlier in meditation to show them off world places, celestial truth new knowledge and celestial beings.

Mindfulness is also a wonderful practice and will really help with your meditation. You rush along in your world, thinking you are aware of the world around you, but you are not. The simplest way for us to describe this in words is to give an example: You are given ten red pencils laid out next to each other in a row; most people will think they are all the same and not take a second look at them as long as they function and serve the purpose that is all that matters. BUT each pencil is unique! If you stopped and looked at each individual pencil, you would be able to describe each one and the uniqueness that makes them different from each other. As you did this you would be more aware of that moment in time, as if you have slowed down time to stop and become aware of these 10 red pencils. You can feel them, look at them all over, smell them, listen to them, and even taste them. When you are this aware you are being mindful, and this is what mindfulness means.

If you feel the need to practice meditation it comes from an innate longing to see and think beyond the chaotic three-dimensional world surrounding you. Meditation is used worldwide not just by the spiritual community. There are many types, and it is wise to take the time to find the right type of meditation and vibration for you.

Dream state energy

Have you heard of the earth scientific terms of alpha and beta brain levels? Beta is when you are fully awake, making decisions, focusing on past, present and future and using up energy. In the physical beta state, the blood is pumping hard to all vital organs using high energy.

Alpha is the relaxed brain state, but you are not a sleep. Imagine as you get into bed and you have washed your sheets and they smell fresh and clean. You snuggle down and relax, but are awake, that’s the calm feeling you need to reach. In alpha state the blood flow as the body relaxes goes more to the outer shell than the inner body. It is in this Alpha state of energy created by the human energy field we can calmly access your conscious mind.

Once a sleep, this dream state energy level allows us to bring images and communication from loved ones in the spirit realm. It also allows us to bring the healing you need. Also channel knowledge and information to your subconscious mind. Have you heard of out of body experiences? The ethereal self can go on journey out of the human body for knowledge and new experiences in the universe. They will be guided by a guide and other energy sources to what is needed for them. Many humans might not remember the healing experiences or downloads. But you will remember knowledge needed to share to humanity. This is also a great energy for the chosen human channeler for the guide to get information to them for their writing often in the visual form.

Healing energy

Healing energy comes in on a vibration of unconditional love from the God source energy and any celestial beings that work in the light.

Energy healing goes back thousands of Earth years, the oldest form being under the umbrella of Shamanic healing. Shamanism is historically, often associated with Earth’s indigenous and tribal societies and has persisted all over your world since its inception in ancient native cultures such as Siberian, Indian, Native American, South American and Aboriginals. It involves beliefs that shamans, with a connection to the other world, have the power to heal the sick, communicate with spirits, and escort souls of the dead to the afterlife. Some of the holistic healing practices of your world today have been developed from this ancient practice.

Some energy healing is hands-on healing where the holistic healer channels a wonderful high source of unconditional love energy. This can be with the hands physically placed on the body or held in the ethereal human energy field. The guides of both human parties work with the healer to send the healing through the recipient’s body targeting the areas that need healing. In this process they send healing light energy in, while removing any unwanted darker energy out of the body. We have learnt with humans that different types of energy from our various universal healing realms can help you. This helped us to create different type of healing practices, a few examples are Angelic healing, Reiki, massage (eg: Indian massage) and distance healing.

Your world is full of different healing practices. If you truly want to heal set this intention with your guides and they will guide you to the correct practitioners to help you. Also use the human mindset of positive thinking to help yourself. You need to want to truly heal for us to help you.

Unison energy

Unison energy is an energy created to create a space where all celestial beings from all types of existence can meet and communicate with each other. It allows species from physical multidimensional to light conscious beings to exist in the same space creating an energy to sustain them in their own energy of existence, like air. This is how your guides can meet and create circles that help groups, workshops and individual light workers and leaders of spiritual knowledge. The space can be held in unison space vehicles to a dimensional realm energy field. This will depend on the guides home existences to what choice is made to base the unison energy meet space in.

Unison guides were introduced as part of the new Earth alliance since the Second World War on Earth. These guides ensure all parties such as guides, higher self, soul base level and the celestial guardians of Earth all work in unison with the human and each other. They also ensure that all can meet safely in a space of unison. This space allows for all parties to be able to communicate no matter the species and their source of creation. The unison guide assigned to you can also be assigned to many other humans connected to you. They will not communicate with you, and you will not be ware of them working behind the scenes for you and your guide team’s benefit.

Prayer energy

Prayer is a communication energy in the 3D energy matrix connected to the human mind and their ethereal energy. It is a one-way telepathic communication wavelength like a radio signal. The signal travels to the place in the universe that needs to be receive it based on the level of pure intention behind the prayer.

All prayers are heard at guide level through to the God source energy. The prayers will be answered if it will help the human’s life journey or another human’s journey. Communication from the God source will filter to the guides, and they will help with any answer that needs to be given. This is a test for every human as it tests their faith if prayers are not open.

When decisions are made to answer the prayer, the guides will set the motion in place. They also will leave signs to comfort you they have heard you. The knowledge in this book will help you develop the tools needed to hear your guides and understand the different facets of your spiritual journey.

Soul and higher self energy

The higher self is either a light conscious being or a highly ascended physical being. They create a reflection of self for incarnation which we understand as the Soul. This energy communication connection is an internal mind to body communication. Your soul connects with a part of the brain near the pineal gland and crown chakra allowing communication energy transmitting to the higher self and vice a versa.

While the soul is with the chosen human physical form it is the sat-nav for the physical Earth journey. All souls come with the frequencies to connect to the higher self being’s consciousnesses, to give internal guidance, and this is known as intuition. The higher self can also connect with the guides, working as a team, who support that human’s life. All souls have a purpose for each individual life. Most physical forms will have the sixth sense to connect with their soul’s true form and their higher self but they don’t use it.

When a human being succeeds at this connection great things can occur for the spiritual journey. Have you heard of ‘Soul Connection’? This is vital for the physical being incarnated into, to find its true self and purpose, and is a challenge in the Earth’s third-dimensional energy. The challenge is for the human consciousness to have an open clarity of eternal awareness to connect to the soul base energy to trigger its life purpose. So, the human form must ascend out of the heavy third-dimensional energy towards the fifth-dimensional higher frequencies energy and make a mid-way connection for this to happen.

Many lessons will be learned from the individual’s life’s process of trying to achieve this. If you feel you have not connected to your soul, then this work is vital for you to undertake. This communication connection to the soul is the next transition but not many humans achieve this, and it is vital to the human ascension process. This is one of humanity’s missing links.