The six sense

When we say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, it is not just the physical body it is the soul that shines the beauty as well. You use all your five senses to make these conclusions that influence your decisions.

When you master seeing, smell, taste, listening and touch you can then master the sixth sense all-knowing. You cannot see this six sense it is linked with your human flesh, soul, higher self and the divine unconditional love.

The eye sees the beauty of the flesh. The eye sees the beauty of the world. The eye sees the beauty of the soul.

The nose filters the air you breathe. The nose smells the scent of Mother Earth. The nose scents fear and death.

The mouth allows us to flourish. The mouth allows our spoken voice. The mouth is a warning sign of survival.

The ear hears the world around you. The ear is a link to all humanity. The ear is a tuned to your inner soul.

Touch is your first awareness of your world. Touch is the kiss of the divine. Touch is knowing you are loved.

All knowing is the intuition of the soul. All knowing is living out of the box you know. All knowing is being as one in unconditional love.

You can reach all knowing state by enhancing your mind through meditation and mindfulness. Dedication to this and looking after your physical body is key to achieving the full use of the six sense. This has always been with you; you just need to re-trigger it.