The souls transitions

A message from Sharon’s guides – The soul when it incarnates into the human form goes through various stages of transition. The soul is always connected to the higher self, all your souls origins vary but the connection process is the same.

In the moment of ordained transition to the human fetus the soul is a lighter energy set in a frequency for the young earthling in the womb to except – the connection for the earth life is made. The earth child is in the heavier 3D energy matrix and the soul is from a lighter higher frequencies such as the 5D matrix. Because of this the vibration frequencies slow blending process is vital for the smooth transition of the soul.

On the earth day this young earthling is born is the souls second transition. When the baby takes its first breath the soul strengthens in to a higher frequency to start the journey of the human life. Think of your soul as a vessel suspended in a multidimensional energy field waiting to slowly release its self to full strength.

As the human form develops and grows mentally and physically on its human life’s journey so does the soul. The soul always has the knowledge for your human journey as this comes from the higher self source. Imagine a silver thread that acts as phone line, always connected so the soul so it can dial home. This silver threat also is the channel for the higher self to monitor its reflection of self – which is the soul.

There is a point in every human beings life journey when the balance of soul frequencies and human physical body will occur. Now this will vary for each human – have you ever heard a human who for example who is 60 years old say “But I feel like I am 32 years old inside”. This inner feeling you will have of how old you feel within is the time the soul fully blended and will stay at the set frequencies to death. This will vary for every human depending on your purpose of life mission.

While the soul is with the human form it is the Sat Nav for the human physical journey. All souls come with the frequencies to connect to the human higher consciousnesses to help guide you in your life’s and this is known as intuition. All souls have a purpose for each individual life and the human form has the sixth sense to connect with this. When a human being succeeds at this connection great things can occur for the spiritual journey. Have you heard of ‘Soul Connection’? – This is vital for the human to find its true self and purpose and is a challenge in the 3D energy. The challenge is for the human consciousness to have a open clarity of awareness to connect to the soul to trigger it life’s purpose. So the human form has to swim out of the heavy 3D energy to wards the 5D higher frequencies energy and make a mid way connection for this to happen. Many lessons will be learned from the individuals life’s process of trying to achieve this. There can also be a another trigger that sparks an DNA activation that allows the human to make this leap, but that knowledge is for another day.

If you feel you have not connected to your soul then this soul work is vital for you to do. This connection to soul is the next transition but not many humans achieve this and it is vital to the human ascension process. This is the missing link.

As the human form nears the end of its life the soul starts to prepare for its final transition to return home to its home source. The higher self source and guides wait for the souls release from the human form and earth energies. When this transition occurs the soul travels escorted back to home source blending back with its final form. Then final transition is nearly complete.

Depending on the souls life on earth it might need healing before it leaves the earths plane and has healing as it reconnects to its higher self. When this is complete it is the final transition of the soul for the incarnation process.

We hope this explanation in your earth language helps you in some way understand the souls transition processes. Remember a true connection with your soul will help you Sat Nav your life and find your true path and self.

Happy journeying

Blessings to all xxx