There should be no price tag to LOVE

A message from my Pleiadian guide Casmeran x

As you all know not much seems to be FREE in humanities restrictive three dimensional material existence, even love. You might question this statement, but many broken humans use love as a ransom for getting what they want out of life. The prime example of this we see, is the use of innocent children being used as tools to cause hurt in broken down relationships.

Children are born in unconditional love and what they experience in their young life’s is examples from their human parents or carers. This then molds their perspective on life in their teenage and adult years, which then leads to them reflecting their childhood experiences on their children. This reflection can be a reflection of love or abuse, causing a split world of vibrational energies that’s causes Mother Earth to be unbalanced.

Now we have a confession to make, the overseers of Earth with many ascension being alliances have over many centuries of Earth’s time been the Architects of Earth’s path, using Earth as an has experiment base. These experiments were creating human beings in the heavy 3D energy matrix, hoping they can create and sustain a Utopia on Earth (refer to referencebooksI below for more information). For along time the results of these events on Earth have been used for teaching through the universe as a base line for ascension failure.

The overseers have for centuries left Earth humans to develop on their path, with nudges of help from the love divine source, but this was not enough for humanity to change into the high vibration of unconditional love. Earth was on a course of self-destruction, which came to a head in the Second World War. What brought fear to the universe was the human discovery of the nuclear bomb, a destructive power that no being anywhere in the universe should have and use against others, but which humanity used twice in the Second World War. So the overseers revaluated how they worked with Earth.

For a long time the third-dimension energy matrix stopped the incarnated human soul remembering their Earth missions, and the challenge for the soul within was to bring this forth to achieve their mission and ascension. But they were failing their missions due to our own pursuit of ascension, and forgetting the bigger picture, which was to bring peace, love and light to the planet Earth. At this point of recognition, they asked across the universe for highly ascended light star beings in the fifth dimensions and beyond, to join them because they needed a new perspective on humanity and Earth. New alliances were formed and joined the Earth mission as spirit within souls, guides and observers. They were asked to gather information from their missions that would help aid humanity to ascend.

This led to a new phase of experiments to help bring an awakening to humanity. This was the process of bringing in humans with a higher-light level frequency adjustment to their DNA, creating this when the reflective self of the chosen beings joined with them as the soul within. These new-borns went to Earth as Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow or known as Star children and they are all programmed with a greater purpose on Earth. They were put in positions around the planet and their DNA was waiting to be activated when the time was right, before, during or after the awakening. When activated they would remember their light purpose, which was mainly to bring in the spiritual way of being of love and kindness and gather information of how to bring peace and unity to humanity. These people became holistic healers, mediums or humans living in a pure light and love existence by helping others; they were givers to humanity and the animal kingdom. I won’t go into great detail about them, as there are lots of transmissions or Earth books that explain their purpose for Earth for your understanding.

An example of these children we can give is children who grew up and became peace campaigners throughout the world in the nineteen sixties and seventies timeline, often depicted as the hippy generation for equal unity living. The Earth history shows this created a higher energy frequency on Earth and helped the world move forward in a kinder way of being. At this point, the selected high ascension beings also became more involved again, monitoring the Earth and her progress, hence the high number of unexplained objects known as UFOs that now appear in Earth’s history records.

On this new phase of experiment, the good news was that these children as they grew were remembering their mission and connecting to their multidimensional spiritual energy. But at the same time some of the children struggled with their high frequency energy in the heavy three dimensions. This made them appear to have behavioral problems and humanity did not know about them and their higher purpose. So often these children were segregated as learners with difficulties, and classed differently to the other Earth children. Sadly, we see that often drugs were used to change their behavior, which alerted the overseers to this problem. In the last twenty Earth years they started to reprogram and improve the new chosen star children’s energies. These children were to bring enlightenment to the spiritual movement, and we see their energies did adapt better to the heavier energies of Earth.

As Earth time moved forward, it was getting more polluted and humanity was being driven by indoctrinated, heavy, three-dimensional controlled societies that thought they were free-thinking. The star children were having only a light impact on this heavy energy. It was decided by the overseers of Earth that humanity needed an awakening event to open the human’s eyes to what they were doing. Wars were not an option, as they would destroy the planet further and humanity did not learn from them as past history showed. After many meetings with the alliance beings that helped with Earths overseers and they decided on a viral pandemic.

This virus infection is no worse than anything else that had yet been created on Earth, but was designed to open minds rather than destroy humanity. As with any illness it would take the weak, but the incarnated beings accept this to help humanity. Humans all have a unique single purpose that many of them are unaware of, until the overseers trigger their purpose.

As the virus has taken hold round the Earth, the overseers can see the shift in humanity’s thinking and many things are being revealed to them through changes being imposed on the population. Money is not as important, materialistic items can be lived without, and what they have is valued more. Families were divided due to quarantine restrictions and this is helping humanity appreciate each other and the freedom they once had. This period of time has unleashed pent up anger, for example over how humanity treat each other because of the colour of their skin. The Earth word racism is used and this human way of thinking goes back centuries. The shift of the old energy has created a New Earth energy frequency that has brought this unrest for many but also created positive change. People are starting to question how they lived and are being drawn to the smaller community concept. Images have started to emerge of Mother Earth healing, seas clearing, animals coming back to old habitats, because humans were not actively trampling Earth, and this meant
less pollution.

See the picture we are creating for you, Love is starting to prevail on Earth in all sorts of areas, breaking down the many facets of heavy negative energy. We have been working tirelessly with light workers to adjust their energies, trigger their life missions and align them with the new wakening vibrational energy of change.

Part of the overseers work is triggering a life missions and a good example of this is creating a spiritual movement, and this is how One Spiritual Movement came about.

One Spiritual Movement (OneSM) is a community to bring unity to all of humanity that has been awakened to the spiritual way of life. The purpose is to create a spiritual umbrella with many unique individual people or organizations joining together in the spiritual ethos. This will be achieved by breaking down the barriers of creeds and religions to work in unity of oneness. This will close the gap between observer and the observed, breaking down the old barriers and creating a new spiritual beginning of change around the world.

Our founder Sharon set up the OneSM community in April 2020. She was guided by us as part of the new awakening on Earth to create this safe supportive sacred space for all working in the vibration of love. The website is a space for all light workers to advertise their work, books and spiritual guidance that would serve humanity.

Our spiritual ethos

We will start with all of Mother Earth’s people and religions learning to live in spiritual unity in true spiritual experience. Spiritualism is not a religion it is a way of life, respecting each other’s beliefs and uniqueness but all living by true spiritual values:

  • Kindness
  • Honesty
  • Love
  • Compassion
  • Gratitude
  • Supporting others
  • Friendship
  • Non judgmental
  • Selflessness
  • Empathy

Living a spiritual way of life will bring a massive change to the individual and the world as a whole. Humanity will change their perspective on many things allowing a portal for truth to be opened. Mother Earth will be respected by humanity and allowed to heal so all can feel a new truth frequency of the vibration of love. This will always be FREE as Love is FREE.

You can never put a price on Love as it is a FREE high vibrational energy that exists in the universe. When humanity understands this there will be a massive awakening opening many ascension doors of knowledge bringing clarity. Also species like myself will come down to Earth and live among you to help you ascend further on the New Earth high vibrational frequency timeline.

Live in Love, spread the love and watch humanity ascend and most of all do not be afraid to speak your truth for others to hear and learn from.

referencebooksI – ‘The light within Atlantis’ and ‘New Earth – the light beyond the horizon’.