Quantum Trance Healing – QTH

… TSB – Trance State of being is The window to remote viewing and telepathic links to the past and future

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For centuries, humans have held a profound fascination with the idea of altering the past and gaining foresight into the future of Earth and humanity. One burning question that has captivated many minds is: Can the future be changed by altering the past? Imagine if we had the ability to communicate with the past, to impart knowledge of their mistakes and guide them towards a better future. Could this ultimately lead to a brighter future for present-day humanity? These are just a few of the thought-provoking questions that demand exploration and contemplation.

So, why are our celestial guides introducing QTH to us? They have brought trance thousands of years ago to Earth to strengthen humanity’s connection to the quantum energies of the universe, enabling us to communicate with highly ascended celestial beings. This ongoing work is part of a larger plan to aid in our development of future telepathic communication.

Are you aware that every moment we experience becomes imprinted on the ethereal essence of our being, our second body that exists alongside our physical body form. This ethereal body is intricately connected to the vast conscious energy of the universal quantum domain. Even after our earthly life comes to an end, the human essence of our existence continues to resonate throughout the boundless energy of the multi-verse timelines, allowing for connections to past events and potential future outcomes.

However, the limitations of Earth’s three-dimensional reality often hinder our ability to fully grasp the intricate connections that exist within the universe. Only by expanding our minds and transcending the confines of our limited perception can we begin to perceive the true depth of our existence and the endless possibilities that lie beyond our current reality. This expanded awareness can be achieved through what is known as a ‘Trance State of Being’ (TSB) or ‘Hypnotism’. Trance is a state naturally induced by an experienced Trance Communicator, while hypnotism is a spontaneous process that involves a hypnotist guiding their client with verbal suggestions into a trance-like state. In this discussion, I will be focusing on the TSB as it is my area of expertise under Quantum Trance Healing – QTH.

Achieving a trance state in the three-dimensional existence is a profound experience. To reach this state, you must learn to quiet the mind and step away from the chaos of the waking world. (For your information humans that are on the path of trance development are called ‘Trance Communicators’ or ‘Sitters’.) This deep subconscious state of stillness from within is the doorway to the past. Before delving into this trance state, the intention must be set to connect with a known person from the past or a stranger through remote viewing and engage in a telepathic conversation with their deep subconscious. The sitter must achieve the correct trance state of mind to follow a multi-verse timeline from their present moment of existence into the past. If the sitter has had previous past lives, their human essence and soul’s higher self connection will guide them through their present life and beyond into their past timelines. Past life regression is also achieved through the hypnotism root leading to a trance state of being to achieve results.

The process begins when the sitter is in trance, when they will remote view someone from the past, observing their surroundings and actions. Once a connection is established, the sitter can communicate with that past person telepathically and extract information from their subconscious. If the person from the past is also in a trance state their higher self will be connected helping to facilitate the connection. A two-way conversation can be held between the past and present individuals and an example of this phenomenon has been achieved with the renowned human Nostradamus.

Michel de Nostredame born is 1503, was a renowned French astrologer, apothecary, physician, and reputed seer. He is most famous for his book Les Prophéties, which contains 942 poetic quatrains that are believed to predict future events. Nostradamus would go into TSB and when he had come out of it, he would through automatic writing have written up to four lines of copy from what he had seen in the future. These words were a trigger for him to write his predictions from. What makes Nostradamus so intriguing is the fact that people in modern day in a hypnotic trance state have connected with him. This connection led to a long-term relationship with Nostradamus through channeling processes called Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique.

It is truly mind-blowing to think that some of Nostradamus’ future predictions may have come from these types of connections. When remote viewing and channeling occur, remember the individual from the past is not a ghost or deceased, but rather a living being with whom we are connecting simultaneously through a multi-verse timeline.

It is possible to establish a connection with individuals from the past, assuming they had the ability to perceive future timelines and communicate with us. Memories of life’s that are held in the human essence energy, is a continuous recording to be tapped into, spanning across different timelines throughout history. These multiple layers of existence coexist simultaneously, manifesting within an individual’s reality within the three-dimensional matrix. The Quantum Trance Healing journey guides us through transitional layers that enable connections with past and potential future timelines of existence.

The next question is whether we have the ability to peer into the future?

The answer is a resounding YES. To achieve this, the individual seeking insight will use the TSB method leading to remote viewing. Through this method, they can tap into their own multi-verse timeline from the moment of connection and establish a link with individuals in the future. The process commences with the sitter remote viewing someone in the future, observing their surroundings and actions. Once a connection is established, the sitter can engage in telepathic communication with that future person and extract information from their subconscious regarding what the future holds. If the person from the future is also in TSB or a highly ascended telepathic mind state, their higher self can help facilitate the session, allowing for a two-way conversation between the two human individuals. It is recommended that when the present-day human individual is in TSB, there is another human present awake to ask the questions and record the session.

It is important to note that the future is not set in stone. The future that is seen during the connection is only valid from that moment onward. As futures are subject to change, it is possible that upon reconnecting in two weeks, a slightly different future may be revealed. The individual can choose to explore their own lifetime line through remote viewing or set the intention to travel to the end of their lifetime line and follow that multi-verse timeline into the future years of existence.

The question then arises: will they be able to determine the time of their own passing, and is this information desired? Due to the fluid nature of futures, this information will not be disclosed, as your timeline of your death can be altered. The human’s team of guides will oversee the connection and guide the individual smoothly forward on their journey beyond their lifetime from the moment of TSB connection within their three-dimensional time frame.

The multi-verse timelines are layers of existence and an immense repository of knowledge, akin to a colossal computer system. This universal knowledge pot which is the quantum domains creative intelligence source is accessible to all celestial beings who have attained a heightened state of ascension. They utilise this profound wellspring of wisdom to make decisions that foster their own personal growth as well as to assist other species in need. For instance, this boundless knowledge enables them to shape the trajectory of their life’s, for the highest good of all, by orchestrating the necessary events that facilitate a profound learning experience. The sheer magnitude of this concept may be overwhelming to comprehend, but rest assured that these words of guidance are intended to support and enhance your spiritual journey here on Earth.

My next question is: Can we rely on the information we gather from the past and the future connections through TSB? Let’s revisit the example of Nostradamus. While he is often viewed as a dark and negative figure from the past, in reality, his primary purpose was to warn humanity, but we have a basic free will and have the choice to listen to his predictions or ignore them. Many of his predictions did not come to pass because each time he connected through TSB, he was doing so from his present moment, which did not always align with the future that actually happened. As I mentioned earlier, the future is not predetermined. There are other human prophets up to modern day that have predicted similar events to Nostradamus but not in the same months or even years, again proof of how our future is not set in stone.

If you’re wondering whether there will be a third world war, as predicted by Nostradamus, the answer is yes if you believe it to be true. Negative thoughts can contribute to manifesting such events. Conversely, if you hold a positive mindset and envision peace for humanity, the answer is no. However, a significant portion of humanity would need to adopt this positive belief system to alter the possible predicted outcome. This illustrates that the future is not fixed, and our collective thoughts have the power to shape the future of humanity.

With TSB, every individual who connects to the past and future will have their own unique perspective on the reality they engage with. It is uncertain whether we can truly experience a truthful human life on Earth through the answers we uncover from our exploration and questioning. However, if it can instil hope and foster positivity, then surely TSB’s influence on the past and future can benefit humanity. Alternatively, should we refrain from intervening and simply live our lives in a loving, spiritual, and positive manner, accepting the natural flow of life and whatever comes our way? This is food for thought!

After receiving enlightening revelations from my guides on this topic, I have come to realise that the negative predictions we dread for our future, based on one person’s interpretation of future timelines through TSB, are not predetermined. We possess the ability to create a beautiful and harmonious world for humanity by utilising TSB to comprehend the past, learn from past mistakes and shape a wonderful future.

As I conclude this piece, I am left contemplating your thoughts on this subject. The knowledge shared here is truly awe-inspiring and has the potential to prompt many to reconsider how our world and the universe functions.

Sharon Milne Barbour