Website launch

We are delighted to launch our One Spiritual Movement community website today.

This website has been created to bring together all spiritual workers and those living or wish to live a spiritual life from a round our world. This is very exciting times and I know we are going to build a worldwide community that will inspire many people on their spiritual journey.

Exciting features

1. Membership

2. A Community Directory

3. Featured books

4. A Spiritual Guidance blog

What does this mean for you the community?

  1. Membership – we invite you to register your membership, which then allows you access to our features and updates.

You can ask for our logo to add to your own advertising to proudly promote you are working under the spiritual ethos way of living umbrella. This will soon be a downloadable of the site.

  • A Community Directory is where you can list your business FREE which gives you access to the worldwide community to find you. Please contact us if your world location is not there and we will add it. We ask if you can promote your listing in your own Internet promotional advertising to try and help us grow this community

  • Featured books – this is an opportunity if you are an author and feel your book will help the spiritual community you can contact us. Send us a link to the book which will be reviewed and if deemed appropriate will be added FREE of charge. We would require an image of the book and one link to where it can be bought.

  • A Spiritual Guidance blog – this blog is for up to date news for our community and articles by other people on spiritual subjects. If you wish to ad an article please contact us with the article for review and a link to your preferred contact, say a website. We would ask you to publish your article from our site in your own promotional advertising.

For a limited period initial membership and listings are FREE but we plan to add further benefits in the future that if you wish to take up there would be a small yearly fee.