What is a Trance Communicator?

So I was asked today what is a trance medium or as our guides call us a Trance Communicators.

Trance is a journey of many layers of dimensional energy with telepathic communication and physical phenomena:

1. Light trance – Communication and writing

2. Trance channeling knowledge – books, mentoring and new Earth knowledge

3. Trance communication – evidential messages from the passed over human essence energy

4. Trance physical/communication – physical phenomena

Within these four options are many facets within each and you will all develop in your own unique way bringing unique experiences. These four defined areas can overlap into each other, so it’s not easy to define trance. Trance development has to be taken seriously, in the energy of love and needs dedication to grow on the trance Journey. Trance helps to build your connection with your guides which in turn helps with other areas of spiritual development like clairvoyant mediumship.

Focusing on Number 3 Trance communication. Trance communication is the process in a trance state of linking to the human essence of loved ones passed back to spirit. In my guides teachings to me there is two ways this can happen in trance.

The first they call third-party information. This when the sitter goes down into the trance state and a dedicated trance guide will step forward to speak facilitating the process of bringing forward the human essence’s energy. This trance guide would have worked with the sitter for a while so they have built a good strong energy connection that can be sustained for say up to an hour. The trance guide will relay evidential information for the recipient of the message. The sitter’s consciousness steps aside allowing this process to proceed holding the energy with the trance guides facilitating the session. They will also draw on the energy of other humans in the room to help sustain this process. This can feel like energy being pulled from your stomach area of your body. I have had the experience of third-party communication with my guide John. When I return out of the trance state it’s like I have been standing beside myself, watching a small video screen playing getting fleeting glimpses of who was there, but not recalling most of what was said. A lot of energy is needed to sustain this third-party method, but your guide is doing the work and their high ascension energy that can blend more easily with the human’s essence. So the sitter is mainly the battery to help sustain the energy needed and telepathic mind for communication. If you have built a good connection with the trance guide they can blend with you on a higher level to create body movement and gestures that might mimic the human essence they are talking about.

The second way is the trance clairvoyant connection while in a trance state. For those that do mediumship on platform will know the high energy you need to work in while conscious, to sustain the connection with the human essences that wish to connect. In the trance mediumship you are in trance with the guides facilitating a more powerful energy for the human essence to make a good connection. If you think about it, the human essence has never connected to the human sitter before and blending might be more difficult. The human essence can blend with the human mind and physical body to speak and create gestures the human did while alive while the trance medium is sitting in the chair. The guides can create an energy that lays over the face and body to bring over shadowing to show their earthly features of what they looked like when they were live.  They can also build a spirit voice box that allows the medium to speak more in their earthly tones when alive. The human watcher of this event will sense a human essence with the trance medium and see the subtle changes. Depending on the trance mediums experience and level of trance they are in, will affect the end result, but if truly in trance you will feel the presence of that loved one and make that love connection with them. The one thing I have heard people say is the human essence processes the trance medium, but this is not the case. The trance medium is safe and the guides facilitate the blending of mind and etherical energies of sitter and human essence. I am not a trance medium but I have had times I tried. It took a lot of energy to sustain the human essence energy, quite a surreal experience for me.

Trance medium ship can overlap into Trance physical/communication as the human essence blends at a more physical level. Physical phenomena can be achieved but this takes a special kind of trance medium and there are few natural ones in our world. Trance physical/communication is through the correct attunement, which takes many years of study and dedication to master. Trance physical/communication includes a wide spectrum of phenomena. With a lot of trance state you look for calmness and peace to achieve. When you develop in physical trance medium ship the energy is created through music and song while the sitter goes down. This then stops waiting for the sitter to speak. The energy builds in the room that the guides can manipulate to create knocking sounds, create voice, and movement of objects and ectoplasm. The Physical trance medium sitter brings forward guides and human essence. I have sat in a physical trance circle and experienced some of these phenomena’s. I always sat in a safe environment where there was other experienced sitters and leader of knowledge to guide these sessions.

I hope this brief explanation helps with your understanding of trance