In 2019 my guides asked me to channel a new book on how to become a medium and the knowledge needed to achieve this. I struggled with this as I had self-doubt, I thought “Who am I to write a book on mediumship, there are so many experienced mediums out there that surely would have more knowledge”.

Well after some gentle nudging from my guides and trusting the writing channeling journey I said OK. As they guided me, I realised I had lived and practiced the knowledge they wanted to lay down in the book. My guide John told me “We prefer our chosen humans to live the journey before they write and teach it. This brings a greater understanding to the books and development groups”.

Well after a few months The Mediums Handbook ‘Step into the mind of a medium’ was born and released into the world. This book has been one of my best sellers, this is with the help of my guides, as they guide those that need this knowledge to the book.

As I carried on with my spiritual work, I soon realised the new development exercises and knowledge my guides were bringing me would be added to this book, creating different editions. My guides prompt me when to do this. I have just completed the 5TH edition of the book.

I recently questioned the title of the book with my guides as it has so much spiritual knowledge in it. They said “This is the knowledge ALL light workers should have to work with spirit as there needs to be a deeper understanding of truth. The developing mediums and leaders of mediumship development groups that have this will be the better spirit communicators and light workers among humanity. They are the future for healing humanity and Mother Earth”.

When you channel their knowledge, it is good to question what you do with your guides, and it helps bring to you understanding of what their end goal is for humanity. I find when I question them, its mostly because my 3D part of my mind is struggling with the higher 4D/5D concept of the bigger picture. Once I understand I’m clear to channel further information and new knowledge for Earth.

Question, wait, analyse, and YES Trust the written journey with your guides. Enjoy the written journey if you are guided to this path and TRUST.

You can find this book on Amazon and Esty Bengalrose Healing.