Your daily spiritual guidance diary

I am very excited to announce our ‘Daily Spiritual guidance diary’.

My guide in a trance session through another medium told me they had another writing protect for me, and they gradually revealed it was to be a diary with 366 inspirational quotes. Well my human head went 366!! quotes how I am I going to achieve that? I was already very busy and how do you think or so many individual quotes? Well I slowly reluctantly started it and as I was also writing the sequel to ‘The light in Atlantis’.

I was blocking this project as my mind set kept panicking, daunted by the 366 days. Then last Christmas a friend gave me a lovely diary with single pages, and she asked me if I would use it. I was not sure as for work I have diary that have the seven days so I can instantly see what I am doing each week. Then my guide John said use it to write the quotes. I then started to feel inspired, I had a real lovely diary to use, and so it kicked of. They told me to stop worrying and just let your mind be inspired. They had bought this diary to me for this purpose.

I realised my own thoughts were blocking my path again. One was will it be done in time for the Christmas market. But I was reminded only our time understanding thinks you start a diary on January 1st, it can be any time. While I was working on it I got odd chivies up “look what you are achieving “well done” and “Trust this will help so many”.

And so here we are, 5 month later a beautiful inspiring diary for your appointments or to record your own spiritual journey. Remember with trust bring clarity of mind and you can achieve anything xx

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