FREE Promotion – spread the love and light

Part of the ethos of One Spiritual Movement is to spread the love and light for FREE. We should all embrace each other and spread the word of other light workers without the fear of them taking our work and lively hood. If you have had a positive experience for example healing or a reading, leave feed back and tell others of your positive experience. Promote other light workers events, bringing a positive vibration to your way of being and thinking.

Once you make this change in your thought pattern and start to do this, you have made the next step forward on your ascension path. What holds us back on our ascension journey is mistrust, jealousy, self doubt and fear. Break these barriers and you will feel lighter. Since my guides have led me to create this site and offering FREE promotion for all light workers, I have felt a big positive shift in my own energy.

TRUST is part of this decision process, trusting you will receive what you need for your work path as will others.

One Spiritual Movement offers FREE advertising and promotion.

We offer:

  1. Free listings
  2. Free registration
  3. Free book promotion
  4. Free Blog promotion with articles and bios
  5. Monthly promotion of one listing and one book
  6. Facebook page

You have to register yourself and add your own listing to the site, follow this link of how to do this If you wish to add a book to our Book Shelve or and article/bio to our blog contact

All we ask in return if you wish, is for you to promote us in your social media. We also offer a logo for you to add to your promotions to say you are part of this wonderful movement and ethos.

Remember you can be the change x