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A book about self discovery

You are going though an awakening period which started with the Covid-19 pandemic. This has led a lot of you to re-evaluating the way you live in relationships and started a discovery of self evolution. Through this re-evaluation we hoped you would improve your life’s in the positive energy of existence for self and your planet.

You all live your lives in your perception of your reality. You can place 10 humans in the same situation, observing the same event, they will have their own perception of the reality they were viewing through their eyes, senses and mind. Their perception is based on their human life experience so far.

One word, one look, one experience can change your perspective on life. You are led by peers beliefs and behavior with the stronger and more dominate of society leading the way – their beliefs – their rules. But often these belief systems and rules are existing in heavy negative energy and are not the way you should behave for humanity to evolve and claim their right in the universe with us.

The secret is to learn to live in the energy of love and this will dissolve these heavier energy’s. Self evaluation and analyzing all events in life will help with this evolution that we are waiting for humanity to take. You are all on a path of learning at different levels of understanding, this means you will all be self healing at different levels of ascension knowledge.

What do we mean by this? For example If you are a human that has a deep religious belief system say Catholic and had suffered abuse in your childhood – you will be trying to heal those wounds through a restricted understanding of a perspective on the God energy and life’s lessons so far in a heavy earth energy. If you are a light worker who has communicated with us and channeled our knowledge and guidance you will have clearer understanding of the universe and the God energy which leads you live in truth. Through this clearer connection you can heal quicker which then opens up the human mind to a higher understanding – this then leads to good behavior in the name of love that will aid humanities evolution to the stars.

When you heal through counseling and medication in your earth reality, you only take away the surface of the dark energy you hold in your human body. Some of you might feel you have then forgiven the situation or the person who you feel hurt you. What happens is some of the dark energy is shifted for you to progress on your life’s path to your next phase of learning on earth.

Three reasons this occurs gradually are one – you live in a heavy three dimensional energy and are wired to exist in this negative environment. If you were suddenly cleansed so you ascend to the high love energy’s your would not cope mentally and physically – this has to be a gradual process of learning and healing. The second reason is you are all here to learn certain lessons and it might not be your path to heal from the heavy energy, you could be here for others to learn lessons from you, aiding other humans ascension. The third reason is your earth path is to learn certain lessons, some that keep you in the heavier energies. Remember the lessons you are here to experience tie in with your universal ascension path of existence. Also remember all beings will learn from the knowledge gathered in all experiences on earth, many study it.

Some of you will go through many layers of healing and those that are more highly ascended take the last stage which is the deep core healing journey on earth. This depends on your chosen life’s path that you have come here to learn from. You come from a source where there are different levels of ascension and your life’s path here is to learn to raise your true levels of understanding.

Our lovely friend we channel these words through has just done this and created a book reflecting this journey.

It can be found on Amazon on Kindle or paper back