My new journey began…

I reflected on new years Eve 2020 how am I going to handle 2021?

I learnt a lot from 2020 as many of us did and the main thing I learnt is how our world needs to change and we need to appreciate everything we have. I learnt not to blame others about the state of our world, the virus and attitudes and prejudices of humanity. Laying blame does not alter what is happening. To change we need to start with ourselves as we are the change.

For me the year 2020 was a spiritual journey of further awakening and ascension while here on Earth. I have no doubt that last year’s events were designed by the divine beings over seeing Earth to bring change to humanity and if you look at previous blogs you can learn from the guidance given to me by my guides about the awakening period on Earth and in my channeled book ‘New Earth – the light beyond the horizon’.

I started the year as always in a positive state of mind, but by March I had let the fear of the unknown for humanity start to affect me. The fear for my family and friends. The media and conspiracy theories were starting to rule my way of thinking and life. I got caught up in negative conversations on social media that contributed to my mental health declining and doubt my spiritual journey. During April we lost a friend to the virus, I knew even though this virus was designed to awaken humanity, I had to take it seriously as the virus is real. The virus has many facets, the unpredictable element bringing the fear to humans, this element is needed for us to change how we see our world, unify and to make it a better place for future generations.

Then one day I stopped – I took stock of my feelings realising I was not practicing what I told other people through my spiritual work. Like “Ask your guides for healing and guidance, take one day at a time and put yourself first so you can be the best version of yourself to help others. Work on your spiritual self so you can find your life mission on Earth and your true self”.

Once I stopped and took stock, I stopped letting the news bring me fear, I stopped taking on other people’s negative outlooks and grief. I listened to the world around me looking for the positive in what was happening. I started to appreciate everything and counting my lucky stars for what I have in this world. I forgave those that had hurt me and reached out to those I had hurt hoping they would forgive me.

I let go of the negative past and my new journey began…

I started to handle my days differently, I stopped worrying about money, and my money needs were met. I stopped worrying about how I was going to work and allowed my guides to lead me in my work. My main guide John stepped up his game and encouraged me to write and helped me design an online mediumship module course. While my Pleiadean guides finished channeling my book ‘New Earth’ which I had started in 2019. I wrote 366 days of guided wisdom from my guides for a dairy and social media.

While all this was happening they led me to create ‘One Spiritual movement’. A safe global support community for all light workers and those awakening to the spiritual path of enlightenment. They also channeled their words though meditations, now recorded ready for humanity to enjoy, heal and learn from. They led me to new people to mentor and a new friend to help mentor me and set the platform for 2021. They changed the way I will work spiritually in the future. They also helped me take stock of my health and lose weight. Through my guides I learned to balance my mind, body and soul to the NEW EARTH frequency.

My strategy for 2021 is simple based on what I experienced in 2020. I am going to take one day at a time, stepping back to appreciate everything I have such as family and spirit. I have learnt in 2020 to enjoy nature and take long daily walks with out my dogs. I also meditated more for healing and guidance. I no longer compare myself to others, we are all unique and have our parts to play in the grand scheme of things. I know if you just allow the fear and doubt to go, new doors will open for you. You then need the courage to step through them to move forward on your life’s path. I am going to work hard not to let the negativity and fear of others affect me. YES, I CARE, but I have to preserve myself to be my true self and do my life’s work of wife, sister, aunt, Mother, Nana and a spiritual leader.

So, I step into 2021 feeling positive and looking forward to the year ahead. I have no idea where my personal life or spiritual work will lead me this year. But in the last few days plans and ideas are now being revealed to me by my guides who I fully trust.

I will be writing more on my One Spiritual Movement Blog in 2021, sharing lessons I have learnt on the way and my guides words of wisdom. Also, I will be doing video talks on various spiritual subjects, some will be live or pre-recorded. And of course my usual spiritual work of readings and teaching.

If you read this and want help on your spiritual journey I offer spiritual mentoring. TRUST the big plan as this is your life mission.

Love and Blessing to all xxx