One day at a time

Well its April 23rd and in the UK we are entering our 4th week of lock down. How are you and how are you dealing with the stresses of the situation? Some of you are key workers sacrificing time away from your family working long hours. Others are suddenly not working having to adapt to a quite life and asking for government help to live. most of you are having to distance them self’s from close family and friends.

With a situation like this there comes many layers of emotions with it, the closest I can explain is its like a grieving process. I have experienced, emotion, tears, anger, then calm, acceptance and now I go day by day.

I try not dwell too much on when this will end and now enjoy what each day can bring. Many of you that have the stay at home path will fill your time with DIY, hobbies, cooking and new ideas will come to you to try.

Have you noticed how technology has come to the fore front, yet it is something a lot fear like 5G. I do not fear it but I know from my guides it affects Mother Earth’s frequencies as she is a living being.

Personally have found this is a time of reflection, acceptance, not blame. I now know this is world awakening and how ever it started it was preordained. It is a time to evaluate my self and my life’s spiritual path. I was trying to evaluate my feelings the other day and asked my guides to help me and they inspired these words on how my spiritual energy feels. Write down how you feel it helps x

The Bubble

I feel like I am in a bubble floating around out of time.
I feel safe in my bubble as I watch others float by.
I see rainbows and hearts painted in the sky.
I hear laughter and song in the wind chimes up high.

I’m not sure when I entered my bubble of peace.
I am now free flowing out of the race of life.
I am floating above the fear and panic of earth.
I am sure we are waiting for the new birth.

In my peace I see nature running free with no fear.
I see clear oceans and pure air and a new creation.
I know the spirit of the universe sings to us now.
We are learning what the ancients always knew.

They are saying to me my bubble must burst.
I have to return to the new Mother Earth.
I take a breath as I take up my path of life.
I am back here wondering what to do next.

I wonder the streets and listen to the silence.
Everywhere I look is empty of human form.
Nature has a voice again that is loud and clear.
I feel different this time, as I have no fear.

The normality I knew before has gone away.
I now live a new life where no one has to pay.
We are healed from within laughing in the wind.
We are all now as one as from time began.

I am grateful for the lessons that I have been taught.
I now tell our story to the children of our world.
They now live in the peace of the bubble floating free.
Our children know only love as they smile at me.

I now know I still have much to give on this earth.
I walk my path in new grace, kindness and love.
I will inspire and teach the awakened ones.
We will now all unite as one for the good of man.

The awakening of a new age is what I have seen.
Knowing that some suffered but all were loved.
I now move forward with trust in my heart.
Trusting my life journey to the day I depart.

Love and blessing and stay safe xx