The great knowing! What is it?

My guides use the phrase ‘The great knowing’ quite a lot, so they thought they would explain it to you. It is when your mind and all your senses have ascended in the fourth and fifth dimension way of thinking.

How can we explain this? Imagine you are standing in a garden and you observe a bee. As you are in your third dimension way of thinking you would see the bee, hear the buzz of its wings and then be distracted by other things very quickly, including your thoughts. When you have ascended in mind and body you would be able to choose to see the bee suspended in the moment, as if you were seeing it in slow motion, and you would be able observe its movements, feelings and language. While doing this, you would still be aware of the normal world around you and be able to see beyond that moment as well.

We know this is hard to imagine, but it is a wonderful way to exist. This power comes from ascension and clearing of the mind to bring clarity of what could be. Have any of you ever meditated and noticed the ticking of a clock you have never noticed before while in the third dimension busy energy world? This is because when you meditate, you elevate your senses and when the mind is focused, the clarity of what’s all around changes, as if you are suspended in the now moment. Where you are in your own space slows, your mind reaches the fourth dimension energy level, although you are still in the third dimension energy plane of your world.

So you see, if you all reach this type of understanding of how your third dimension world would shift to the fourth dimension higher energy grid, your minds as a collective would connect and raise your earth energies towards the love and the light. Remember, we would be with you all the way, helping with the energies and adjusting them to help you ascend.

Love and blessing x