Which book would you Choose?

These two books are essentially the same, but the ‘A Path of Illumination for a Light Worker Channeler’ is the updated version. You may be wondering why, and I’m here to explain.

For the past eight years, I have embarked on a writing and channeling journey with my guides. Each book I have written reflects the stage of my spiritual growth at that particular time. These books were channeled specifically for fellow light workers who are seeking knowledge to aid their own spiritual development. As I continued to ascend on my spiritual journey, the books naturally evolved. However, up until last year, they were all aligned with the energy of the old Earth timeline.

Now, a new Earth timeline has emerged from the awakening period we are currently experiencing. This shift began in December 2019 and will continue until 2030. As part of this awakening, there is a need to transform the language we use and the way we think on Earth. The underlying intention is to guide humanity towards embracing the light energy of unconditional love, ultimately helping us ascend as a collective and preserve our planet. One crucial area that requires change is within the spiritual community on Earth.

FROM MY GUIDES- Humanity is entering a new era of consciousness, it’s time to leave behind outdated Earth terminology and embrace a fresh lexicon that better reflects your evolving spirituality. For instance, the celestial guides now refer to a medium or channeler as a Light Worker Channeler, and mediumship is known as Light Communication. This new terminology is in alignment with the concept of a Light Worker. We believe that this updated language will help you better understand and connect with the celestial realms.

It’s important to note that the word psychic will remain unchanged, but we add channeler, as it reflects the basic ethereal levels of human communication with another human and their guides. Spirit, on the other hand, we now call Celestial Energy or the energy of the Human Essence that has passed on, when you die you become a celestial light form again. Holistic healer will not change as these words embrace the ancient healing processes coming to the forefront again on Earth’s ascension path. Trance medium will be Trance Communicator, and channelers of knowledge will fall under the category of Light Worker Channeler. Teachers will be known as Leaders of Knowledge (or shorten to leaders), and it’s important to remember that they facilitate circles and workshops, bringing in our teachings. These changes will gradually be introduced to all Light Workers, so that the terminology aligns with our celestial teachings.

Medium – Light Worker Channeler
Psychic – Psychic channeler
Spirit – (Loved ones) Human essence and celestial energies
Trance medium – Trance communicator
Teachers – Leader of knowledge (Leader)
Mediumship – Light Communication
Spirit guide – Celestial guide (guide)
Spirit realms – Celestial realms
Holistic healer – Holistic healer

By adopting this new language, we hope to create a more cohesive and unified community of Light Workers who are better equipped to navigate the celestial realms. As you continue to evolve and awaken, it’s important that your language reflects this positive growth and transformation. Embrace this new era with open hearts and minds and continue to explore the infinite possibilities of the celestial universal energy. Let us all work together to create a world that is more in tune with your spiritual selves.

The simple answer to the question, ‘What is a light worker channeler?’ is that it is the practice of humans, known as light worker channelers, who mediate communication between the human essence of the dead and living human beings. Now as you can imagine, there is a lot more to it than that.


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