If you want your world to survive let your children thrive

A few words from my guides x

Your worlds children should be at the forefront of every decision you make in your life’s. But while you try to do this, you have to be who you truly should be in your Earth’s life time. So it is a case of creating a balance of being the best you can be so you can serve your children’s needs to the best of your ability.

To create this balance appreciate those that help and support you with your family, so you can have that balance of working life and play life style all humans need.

Creativity is a key part of your self and your children’s development. This inspires the minds of humans to a transitional level of understanding. Imagination is a key part of the future of humanity as we use this to bring you knowledge. The creative sparks of the mind to help your future on Earth will come from your children’s clarity of mind. You can create this through meditations and letting them evolve their natural talents. Do not try to fit your round pegs into a square pegs holes that society dictates, let them create themselves into the shapes they need to be. You need to be their spiritual teacher and guiding hand.

x All humans need to come together to give the human child the best starts in life so humanity can thrive and ascend into a higher level of human understanding. If you want your world to survive let your children thrive x