Introducing Lorna Hedges from Ray of Light

It is wonderful to introduce Lorna to you who I have had the privilege of meeting

My name is Lorna, I have been open to spirit for as long as I can remember, having many scary times growing up seeing things which I could not explain and no one to talk it over with, I finally saw the light and developed my sixth sense much later than I expected.

Once I accepted who I was, A Psychic Medium, and a Teacher/Coach for the Spirit world everything started to calm down and I was amazed that when I stopped digging my heals in everything started going smoothly.

I now very much enjoy working for the spirit world, offering readings of love and guidance and running workshops, courses and 3x development classes regularly.

I learned years ago that if you can’t beat them join them and as soon as I realised I wasn’t running the show and they were, it became easier and more acceptable.

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