Lightworkers please ask your guides for attunement to the NEW EARTH frequencies

Message from Sharon’s Guide John – calling all lightworkers, your guides seek you to sit in the quiet so they can attune you to the New Earth energies. Earth’s energies always flicker and change in subtle ways, but with this new awakening she is experiencing big dimensional shifts.

  • Due to less pollution at the moment she is trying to heal where she can, she is also responding to all those that meditate and send her healing. When a human meditates with the intent of healing Mother Earth, their guides also add to to this healing energy.
  • A lot of humans are awakening and this is bringing new love energy into the earth atmospheric energy grids.
  • The pull between the old earths dark energies and New Earth light energies is strong at the moment and this also affects the human physical make up.

Your guides spend a lot of time working with you adjusting energies and giving your healing on a physical, mind and soul level. But they find it a lot easier if the human can sit in the silence and let them do their work. We often nag Sharon to sit for this reason. It can be 5, 10, 30 minutes of your earth time that is needed. How often will vary from person to person. If you get a nagging feeling then please listen as we are trying to help you all in this time of transformation.

Some of you will also be receiving what you describe as downloads. This will be knowledge for your life’s purpose. This can come in dreams, when your soul astral travels to needed dimensions or meditation. This is nothing to fear it is guidance and knowledge to bring you as an individual into a higher ascension state of being. We are preparing you for the busy, days, months and years ahead.

We thank you all for your work with spirit and being an advocate of our love and knowledge.

Blessings to all xx