The Architects – are you a leader of twelve?

The architect overseers of Earth’s awakening, work with many ascension species that have formed alliances with them. Many light workers who have been on the path for a few of your Earth years, are now merging with other light workers energies. These are higher self/souls that have been part of ancient times plans and have gained great knowledge and are known to some as Avatars. Example of these ancient souls include the founders of major world religions, such as Jesus, Buddha, Krishna and Mother Teresa. An Avatar is born not to show us how great they are, but to give us hope that humanity can gain state of consciousness that the avatar human has attained.

This ancient knowledge is now going to emerge through teachings that are being downloaded to a chosen few leading spiritual light channeller workers as the awakening unfolds on Earth. These humans are predestined for this knowledge and they have high ascended 12 guides working with them. We work within the 12 essence, as within it, it creates imagination, effective communication, tolerance, self-sufficiency, self-determination, cooperation, optimism, and dynamism exists. Virtually everything 12 does is expressed creatively. 12 is the base of creation of the universe and the creative mind. 12 is used to create what is needed in all sorts of existence.

For your understanding we are working in unities of twelve that symbolises the power of the universe overseers, this can be found in Earth’s history – reflected in the era of Jesus New Testament of the Bible, such as Jesus’ selection of 12 apostles, he said. That choice was deliberate, with each apostle representing one of the 12 tribes of Israel and don’t forget the 12 cities in Atlantis with 12 guardian celestial beings. There are 12 main gods in Greek mythology, Odin had 12 sons in Norse mythology, 12 disciples of Christ in Christianity, and 12 Imams in the Islam religion. In the most of cases number 12 is actually a representation of authority and perfection.

If you are one of these chosen leaders of 12, you will have 12 disciples, this could be people in your teaching groups, mentoring or a friend/family member you are guiding on your spiritual path. These leaders will be the light of 12 beings on Earth guiding them. Some of the 12 group with them, then become leading teachers themselves, who will then be sent 12 disciples to guide. This will create a ripple effect out through Earth’s consciousness. The twelve group will build to 12 over time to create the 12. This soul base 12 will always stay soul linked even if the Earth life drifts them apart.

When you are part of a group of twelve on Earth, your higher self stays linked when part of that Earth circle of twelve. They meet off world in a high dimensional space of unison energy. Higher self’s come from various sources of creation and can be multidimensional transitional forms to physical presence. So, the space of unison energy allows all to exist and communicate in the circle with the leader of light in the centre. As this circle on Earth grows and the individuals develop, some will become teachers on Earth. This will lead them to become a leader of light of twelve further humans creating another circle. The higher self’s in the unison energy, can be part of their own development circle, and multitask being a leader of light for a new circle. Highly ascended higher self’s have the ability to be in several places at once giving their teachings to others. All leaders of light have an Earth life as they work with human individuals. As they ascend on Earth in the dimensional energies, their higher self grows as well. The higher self can become an ascended master leader of light, that runs many circles in the unison energy off world, as well as overseeing their Earth life. The unison space circles of twelve are forever growing and ascending causing the ripple effect of growth and ascension for humanity on Earth.

There is a plan for humanity, see it as an artist’s painting, always an evolving work of creation, always in motion and never quite finished. A creation that will be admired by many but shunned by a few. The plan being one day humanity will never shun the light, but always admiring creation in all forms.