The journey of a channeler and writer

First of all I would like to thank all of those that have supported me on my writing journey. I thought I would share my journey with you to help and inspire others.

My writing journey with my spirit guides started in 2013. I had been doing inspired writing for a few years up to that point, which started when I joined a spiritual circle. When I was told part of my development was going to be inspirational writing, I said I cannot do that as I am severely dyslexic. I immediately put up a barrier! But over time and encouragement from my teacher and circle the words started to flow and make sense. You see these were not my words, they were from my spirits guides.

This early stage of development really helped with my connection with my guides and building my trust with them. Part of my early writing was short inspired verses, one day in 2013, I was guided to create a pack of 44 inspirational guidance cards. My day job was a graphic designer, so I designed the pack and got them printed. Thinking that was it, little did I know that this was the start of my channeling journey.

After this my life was very busy as my spiritual work grew with readings and healing. This led me to starting my business Bengalrose Healing and I worked part time along side my graphics work. Since the cards I had not done much writing but that was about to change! I was starting to get interested in trance mediumship and in March 2015 I attended my first trance workshop.

This was an amazing day for me and I became fascinated by trance. During the workshop, we practiced meditation, where my gate keeper guide Harold was introduced to me. He told me he had had an Earth life as a medieval monk and showed himself to me with a writing feather in his hand, sitting at a desk surrounded by scrolls. Through his telepathic thought he was encouraging me to write and he told me I would write a book!! Harold was already familiar to me because in my Reiki days I had been aware of a guide who was a monk. I was a bit frightened of this monk figure but from this meditation knew there was nothing to be scared of, as Harold had made me feel he was wise and would be very patient with the writing, and always look after me.

After the work shop, I laughed off that I would write a book and how could I with my dyslexia and who was I to write a book? But as we soon learn spirit have a way and they help make it happen, I got three messages from three different mediums telling me I would write a book. So one day in 2015 I sat at my computer and sarcastically said to Harold OK, whats this book called then. I had my blank word document ready, I then heard the word Utopia, well I could not spell it and had to look it up. I typed the word Utopia and asked whats next? Write your name Harold said. Now what? Wait and we will channel you the information needed.

The channeling started on my dog walks with my dog Boyd, I used to get these down loads but could not remember them when I got home. My husband reminded me I have a recording device on my phone. So that’s how it started, I learnt recently from my guides after Boyd passed away in June 2020 he was my spirit radio, his soul energy boosting their energy for me to hear their thoughts. I talked their words as I walked and recorded them and then typed them up when I got time. The book Utopia was slow to build, until one day Harold said it was finished. I then thought who’s going to edit this book – he then reminded me of my friend Di, I had met her years ago who was a copy writer and author. She had moved to North Scotland and we had kept in touch and she has now edited all nine of my books. I now realised she became part of my life for 6 months for this spiritual writing journey.

After the book Utopia was published and went out into the world I thought that was it. BUT oh no this was just the beginning. The next book was the Magic of spirit, followed by the Magic of words. By the time I got to the Soul connection book Ayderline about my pass life’s, my channeling was flowing mind to key board. I no longer recorded the information and I realised now my connection and grown to a point of strong telepathic link.

Thinking yet again Ayderline was the last book, they told me I was going to write a book about mediumship, this would be from their perspective using my journey as knowledge for others to learn from. YES I resisted this, I thought who was I to write about mediumship when there are mediums out there more experienced who could do this. But I was reminded I am experienced, I had been though a lot to get to this point in my journey and they wanted to used it as a teaching example to help others on the spiritual learning path. I excepted this and the words flowed. I have just released the third edition adding my teaching knowledge from my guides for others to use. The Mediums handbook – ‘Step into the mind of a medium’ is my best seller.

The channeling journey continued, but this time with a change of guide, it was time for Harold to take a step back. They told me my next book would be different to all the others, the spiritual message would be in story form. They called the book ‘The light within Atlantis’ and it was about an ascension physical being that incarnated in the Atlantis period. As with all my books they gave me the title first and the story started. After it was published I thought this has to be it, but very quickly they said there is an other book coming which they named ‘New Earth -The light beyond the horizon’. I started this book last Dec 2019 and progress was slow, as we entered the awakening period of lock down my writing was becoming prolific. They had me writing online courses and this book. Part of this book was about the awakening and how it would affect Earth in the future and I was writing it as I lived it.

When I read my books back I feel detached from them as the words come from beyond Earth from a power source of love. Every book is written at a certain level of understanding for those on their spiritual journey to be guided to. I trust the words and the messages within each book is to help aid humanity to ascend.

I know there is more books to come and I now have through my commitment and help from my guides developed a clear channel source. I say to you if you feel the need to write a book or are told you will, please LISTEN. The book could be about your life or spiritual verses of wisdom and guidance that will help others, just TRUST.

My channeling writing journey happened because I let go of the CANNOT and self doubt thought patterns and released my mind of doubt to clarity and trusted my guides. When you stop fighting the feeling of I am not good enough and allow, new doors open up to you.

From this journey I now run an ‘Inspiration writing workshop’ to encourage and guide others of the writing and publishing processes. I hope this helps to encourage you to write and help spirit to give their message to humanity.

Thank you, channeler and author Sharon Milne Barbour x